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All About Fast AC Charging

Last Updated: November 13th, 2023 | Infrastructure

New electrified vehicle models hit the market every year and EVs are becoming a normal sight in traffic. When it comes to public EV charging stations, consumer demand for reliable EV chargers is louder than fast charging. Consider that 5G technology and 4G Wi-Fi serve a similar purpose at different speeds but have vastly different installation requirements. 5G internet speed and DC fast charging stations are not necessary nor sustainable for every location, especially with the initial high cost of installation. However, it’s not the only solution for reliable charging opportunities. The average business can still take advantage of high-powered AC charging stations to attract customers and get extra revenue. So, what kind of business benefits the most from AC charging? There are several factors to consider…


First, know that every electric car charges a little differently. Battery capacity, like fuel tank size, is only one part of the charging speed equation. Direct current (DC) charging is faster than alternating current (AC) charging. The direct current is able to bypass the vehicle’s regulator and delivers the charge straight to the battery. 

A standard Level 2 AC charging station delivers between 32 and 80 amps. Meanwhile, a Level 3 DC charger can deliver 130 amps or higher. More amps = faster charging times. AC chargers are more affordable, encourage longer dwell times, and offer more flexibility in installation and power levels. 

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When to Use AC Chargers

Not every property needs high-speed charging. Locations that offer longer dwell times benefit from offering consistent charging with AC stations. Driver have time of spare when they check-in for an overnight stay, park before an 8-hour shift, or plan an afternoon of shopping. They are more likely to linger in the area when they plug in to an AC charger for a hours-long charging top-up. 

A standard 32 amp AC charger is perfect for EV-ready workplaces, apartment buildings, hotels, or airbnb properties where drivers are based for several hours or overnight. More recreational properties like outlet malls, libraries, and cafes can keep customers for longer and offer additional benefits like discounted EV charging

Some sites will support drivers who just won’t need to dwell as long, a high-powered AC EXCEED charger can get this job done. With higher power output and increased charging speeds to meet the demand of fleet drivers, or to support the turnover in high traffic areas, customers can charge and go with fast AC chargers. 

The Importance of Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to the total amount of time an EV spends parked and connected to a charger. Longer dwell times with AC chargers can be billed by the hour or by total kW/h used. For businesses with AC chargers, this translates to enhanced customer satisfaction and attracting a broader clientele. Installing AC chargers in existing parking lots strategically caters to the growing EV-driving population, and positions businesses as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious. Installing EV charging stations with smart software informs customers exactly how long the dwell time will be and how long they can browse. 

Picture this! You offer valet parking service for a high-end restaurant where customers sit and dine on average for 2-3 hours. This is your average dwell time – the time you expect customers to spend at your business. You want to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself so you consider offering EV charging as part of your service. While you don’t have the proper infrastructure or budget to install a DC fast charging station, but you don’t want to offer a standard 32 amp charging station service. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just will not be fast enough to add adequate battery charge to your customers’ vehicles by the time they finish dining in your restaurant. You need a charging station with higher power.

Fast AC Charging

Noodoe AC19L Exceed chargers are 80 amp/19 kW chargers capable of charging vehicles at double the speed of standard 32 amp chargers. That means fast charging sessions. The Exceed DC series is a great solution for projects that require lightning-fast charging speeds (providing 20% more power than similarly-priced DC charging stations in the market). However, the necessary investment for multiple DC charging stations is not small. It’s more than many customers who want to offer great charging speeds have budgeted. Meanwhile, AC Exceed high power charging stations are more affordable as well as easy to deploy, manage and operate.

The Noodoe AC19L and AC19L Exceed are wifi-enabled high-powered AC chargers. Combined with Noodoe’s Gateway, they make any installation a simple process: just plug in and go. No need for special installations, complicated internet connections, or anything else. It all works straight  out of the box. Site managers can set up pricing, automations for peak hours, occupancy fees, grace periods, and payment methods. It’s simple, just a few clicks and it works on your behalf!

The Bottom Line

More drivers are switching to electrified vehicles. It’s a trend that’s only ramping up, especially as the price at the pump rises. Businesses now find themselves with the opportunity to be part of the “refueling” process. That means AC charging stations are excellent draws for customers. They’re a great way for businesses to differentiate themselves in their own markets. Reach out to a Noodoe expert for a one-on-one consultation about your unique site needs today! 

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