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Noodoe University: Subscriptions and Membership

Last Updated: February 10th, 2023 | EV Charging Management Platform

The continuous adoption of EV technology brings a demand for EV charging infrastructure, so EV charging stations are becoming necessary worldwide. 

We have already seen how this has resulted in the construction of large charging networks. 

Even though many EV drivers currently charge at home, visiting a charging station is becoming as common as visiting a gas station.

Until EV stations are as prevalent as gas stations, additional user access needs must be considered before hitting the road. 

Subscription Based Service

For some charging networks, a subscription business model is considered the standard. At these subscription-based charging sites, customers pay a monthly fee to be a network user or download and register on an app before being granted access to the charging sites.  

For the user, this means additional time and effort before the vehicle even gets to start charging. 

Mobile Application, Account, and Membership Fee

Imagine you’ve just arrived at a new charging station. You want to connect your car and start charging right away, but the charging site requires an app download. 

Now you are stuck between waiting for the new app or searching for the closest charging station that you already downloaded an app to use.

You’ve finally managed to download the mobile application. Now can you start charging right away? No, not yet. You have to register your account, sign up for a paid membership, or pay a one-time fee if you’re not planning to become a regular user. 

Time passes, and your vehicle has not received a single second of charge. The experience is frustrating, complicated, and long. But there is a better way.

Scan, Pay, and Charge

Noodoe EV OS provides on-demand charging without needing subscriptions, apps, or hardware. It also comes with a variety of options for contactless payment. You only need your smartphone to access consistent and convenient EV charging services.

You arrive at the charging station, scan the QR code, select a payment method, and start charging instantly. 


The Bottom Line

Taking your vehicle out for a drive and recharge should be an unremarkable experience. Still, most EV drivers know the amount of planning they need to do if they want to avoid any chance of getting stuck far from home with zero charge. 

Ultimately, it is essential to stay well-informed about requirements that can feel unavoidable. Be aware of the charging sites available in your area before a visit to make your experience as smooth as possible.

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