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Automotive and Dealership Solutions

Discover the perfect partnership to electrify your dealership. Our tailored EV charging solutions empower you to offer cutting-edge amenities and embrace the future of automotive innovation.

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We Have The Experience and Expertise

Countries and companies around the world continue to announce end dates for gas-powered vehicles. According to Ernst & Young, those solutions are going to be needed sooner rather than later.

The major names in the automotive industry already offer electric vehicle charging infrastructure, systems, and services on-site. We have experience partnering with automotive companies and dealerships worldwide as they transitioned to the EV era. Today is the best time for your dealership to start providing EV charging options.

From The Dealership, All The Way Home

Noodoe is a leading provider of level 2 AC and level 3 fast DC charging stations that can help you establish a foundation as an EV leader in your industry. With seamless integration and fully autonomous operation, Noodoe commercial EV high speed charging stations meet industry quality and safety standards.

Noodoe provides car dealerships with turnkey electric vehicle charging solutions. Our expertise, innovative technology, and commitment to seamless charging experiences are instrumental to achieving electrification goals while enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Noodoe EV OS: Powering Dealerships

Noodoe EV OS improves efficiency and provides maintenance-free operation. Our innovative solution integrates with other business systems, ensuring the smoothest possible operation and providing in-depth insight. Combined with our innovative add-on services, your site can be developed to its fullest potential. 

Key Features

Dealership Charging Network

Noodoe EV connects dealerships within the group to form a single charging network. Thus, the entire group becomes a single network instead of a set of individual chargers.

Intelligent Charging Management

Our cloud-based charging management platform provides dealerships with valuable insights into charging usage, energy consumption, and user behavior.

Membership Management

Noodoe EV OS enables the dealership group to give its loyal customers VIP charging experiences. Dealerships can create innovative loyalty programs for their EV customers.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our charging infrastructure is highly scalable, allowing for easy expansion. We can tailor our smart solutions to meet the specific requirements of each dealership, ensuring optimal charging capacity and efficiency. 

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