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Noodoe University: Charging for EV Charging

Last Updated: February 22nd, 2023 | EV Charging Management Platform

Unfamiliarity with monetizing an EV chargers is an issue that we help many customers overcome. “How do I charge drivers for powering up? Do I have control over the pricing? What choices are there for measuring that price? Can I incentivize charging at my location? Is it easy to change the pricing for my chargers?” are common questions.

These are important considerations for any business owner, especially one who’s investing in a new offering of their business. Thankfully, the answers are simple and straightforward. Let’s dive in and take a look at the different ways of charging for use at any charging station running Noodoe EV OS.

What system to use for charging EV sessions?

The heart of any Noodoe charging station is its operating system. As with a computer, the hardware components are only as powerful as the software running them. With good software, there are a few ways to set and charge end-users for charging up their EV. Noodoe EV OS’s centralized pricing management feature allows site owners to set pricing for all of their stations either by energy (kilowatt/hour) or by time (charging session length).

How much should I charge?

That is up to you! The power to set pricing is inside Noodoe EV OS site management. Prices for EV charging vary somewhat depending on your location. For example, what is considered reasonable for parking in downtown San Francisco is quite different from St. Louis or Edinburgh. If you’re unsure how much to charge, you can do your own market research (look around at what other businesses in the area charge) or reach out to a Noodoe expert who can help.

Can I change pricing throughout the day?

Noodoe EV OS has built-in management features that allow operators to customize their pricing schedule. This could mean discounted weekday pricing to entice daily drivers, or surge pricing during high-demand Time-of-Use periods. Create the pricing schedule that makes the most sense for your business and your location. When it comes to peak hour pricing, you can set it and forget it! The system will create a new schedule for your pricing and automatically follow it, so you don’t have to remember to change the prices every day or adjust for rush hours.

How do I offer deals or discounts?

The Noodoe EV OS add-on library gives station managers flexibility over how their chargers operate. EV charging stations are both excellent sources of revenue and excellent ways to market your business!

Discount Code

Businesses have offered discounts for special guests and specific purchases for a long time. Now, you can do the same with your EV charging stations. Noodoe’s Discount Code gives business owners and site hosts the ability to offer discounted charging to any customer with the code. Increase foot traffic by placing the code inside your location. Encourage minimum purchases by printing the code on any receipt that totals above a certain amount. Send the code out as part of an email or traditional paper mail marketing to entice EV drivers to visit your site. The sky’s the limit! 

Access Code

Enable the Access Code to control who gets to use your EV charging stations. This code acts just like a Wi-Fi password, granting charger access to anyone with the password. Use this code to only offer charging to VIP customers or to those who have already made a purchase. Change the code monthly, weekly, or even daily to make sure your chargers are only open to those to whom you wish to offer charging.

Voucher Code

With the Voucher Code, EV station managers can offer single-use codes that can be redeemed for a single charging session. Give the codes out as part of a promotion or sell them as goodies for an on-site event. These codes are especially useful as additions to promo bags for exhibition attendees or at networking events. Once drivers receive their voucher codes, they can start their charging session. However, those voucher codes expire 12 hours after activation, meaning they’re only good for a single session.

Is there a way to control who can charge?

In this case, the station manager needs Noodoe’s User Management system! Drivers can create a user profile that includes all important information – including name, phone number, and vehicle information. This profile becomes the virtual membership card stored in the Noodoe app, and gives them access to charging at your charging stations. Members need only use their app-based membership to activate the charger and begin charging. Station managers have a few options for how to charge drivers for powering up their vehicles, giving everyone flexibility to create a system that works best for them. This system is an amazing way to offer exclusive charging to tenants in multi-family dwellings or to workers at office parks.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to managing and operating your EV chargers, Noodoe wants to make everything easy for you. We work hard to empower businesses to take control of their operations. If you’re looking to take control of your stations and make the most out your time, you must be looking for Noodoe!  

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