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Tax and EV Charging

Last Updated: May 2nd, 2023 | EV Charging Management Platform 

Tax season is a busy time for everyone even when you schedule enough time to power through filing your documents. A helping hand is much appreciated throughout the process. 

Noodoe specializes in EV charging technology and innovation. We ensure our hardware follows international safety requirements while providing power for electric vehicle batteries. Noodoe EV OS software is updated frequently to ensure all our users receive the best experience. Whether managing a network of fleet vehicles or using a station for the first time, Noodoe gets the job done. During the installation process and beyond, our experts provide support and training. We know what we are good at, so we know when to rely on others for assistance.

Noodoe has integrated Avalara software to automate the tax process for EV charging services. The tax solution is used in 95 countries for any size of business across industries. It is a well-known name, and you have probably already engaged with other companies that use them. The integration with Noodoe EV OS increases reliability, enhances security, and boosts the performance of our installers.

We are providers of customer-focused solutions, so let’s go through how Noodoe EV OS supports your tax journey.

Cloud-based Solution

Noodoe EV OS is an advanced cloud-based EV charging operating system. The vast amount of add-on microservices and customer support would not be possible without the processing and storage power of the internet. Automated tax calculation is also a cloud-dependant solution, accessible anywhere with an internet connection. The integrated software is reliable and dynamic. Your business can adjust Noodoe EV OS to suit your needs while complying with accurate tax calculations.

Real-time Information

EV chargers can bill according to time spent (by the minute) or according to the amount of energy (by the kWh). This choice is left to our charging service provider (CSP), however some countries only allow one or the other. There is no exact standard yet as EV charging is a relatively new concept. That can make things interesting when it’s time for tax calculation. Exact tax requirements are different across the world, and they can even be wildly different across jurisdiction lines in the United States. Despite this, Noodoe customers don’t need to spend their time researching the exact rate they owe, thanks to automation. The tax integration keeps the charging station updated and reliable, while automating tax calculations for businesses, including sales tax, VAT, and GST.

Generating Reports

Noodoe presents the users with their session information once their vehicle has disconnected from the charger. This is true whether the charging session was completed through innovative membership-free Scan, Pay, Charge, or by membership card. The charging session information from across the network  can be viewed by the site owner through the Noodoe EV OS dashboard. This is done while keeping the customer information and payment details private. The review of past charging sessions enables the site owner to discover trends or track membership discounts across their whole charging network. It’s a lot of information for one person to go through and calculate owed tax.

That’s when tax automation saves the day, saving you a lot of time. Tax reports can be generated along with the individual session information as well as in network overview dashboards. All the information a site owner could need can be found in the Site Management tab. 

The Bottom Line

Complicated problems don’t need to have equally complex solutions. Noodoe’s vision is to provide reliable charging experiences to every parking lot for all our users. EV drivers can charge and pay quickly and securely at Noodoe chargers. In addition, CSPs can automate their network settings and trust Noodoe solutions to get the job done.  

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