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Improve Your Net Operating Income

Attract tenants, and retain residents. EV charging for apartments, condos, and multifamily properties is the key to keeping units occupied.

A Reliable, Hands-Off Amenity

Attract Tenants

EV charging isn't an amenity anymore. It's a necessity for property managers looking to retain tenants.


Set your property apart from competitors: keep occupancy high and increase your property values.

Enjoy Hands-Off Operation

Software is the key to keeping your chargers low maintenance. Noodoe EV OS manages chargers for you.

Count on Reliability

Keep your chargers online and generating revenue. Noodoe EV OS comes with a 99.9% software uptime guarantee.

Video: EV Charging Basics

Installing and managing EV charging for apartments, condos, or multifamily properties doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Noodoe VP of Sales Jeff Rothe has over 6 years of experience helping property owners set up EV charging programs. In less than 5 minutes, he’ll walk you through the basics of EV charging and what you need to get up and running quicklyeasily, and cost efficiently.

Easy Management with Noodoe EV OS

Hands-off Station Management

Charging stations are connected to the cloud automatically managed.

99.9% Software Uptime Guarantee

Automatic diagnostics keep chargers generating revenue and minimize labor costs.

Comprehensive Reporting

Keep an eye on charging station usage to make data-informed decisions.

Software Customization

Software customizations to match your apartment or condo's needs​

Pricing Versatility

Set pricing to suit your business, including automatic pricing changes for peak usage hours.

Intuitive Dashboard

Easy to navigate visualizations give a full view of your chargers.

EV charging management platform EV OS showing a home dashboard with information

The Noodoe Team Can Help

Answer Your Questions

We're EV charging experts. We'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Plan Your Parking Lot

Figure out how many chargers and what kind to future proof your investment.

Arrange a Site Walk

Get your apartment or condo ready for install with our local connections.

Find You Incentives

Apply for local, state, or federal financial incentives to help cover costs.

Modern Amenities at a Heritage Property

“Little Tokyo Lofts,” a multifamily property built in Los Angeles in 1922, upgraded its existing rooftop parking to attract EV-driving tenants. 


All 40 EV charging stations for this apartment are software-powered, providing easy central management and hands-off operation to the building management.


With a 99.9% software uptime guarantee, Noodoe EV OS keeps the stations online and generating revenue.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to start offering EV charging at your apartment, condo, or multifamily property, our EV charging experts are here to help.