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Why EV Charger Uptime Matters

Last Updated: November 28th, 2023 | EV Charging Management Platform

First-time operations have to learn many new terms when offering electric vehicle (EV) charging services. Ensuring a high level of charger uptime is a major requirement for new installations to receive EV incentive funding. Beyond installation, EV charger uptime directly impacts the user experience for drivers, managers, and future industry workers. Thankfully, reliability and hands-off management of EV chargers is actually a choice of software, not one of hardware. 

What is Uptime?

In short, uptime is the total amount of time a charging station is functional. This means it is in the process of charging an EV or is otherwise available for use. An uptime guarantee reflects how long the charging station will be functional. For example, a charging station that is operational for 23 hours and 52 minutes a day is up 98% of the time. This is the minimum uptime guaranteed by Noodoe EV OS – the best smart charger management software in the market.
Charging station downtime can be due to hardware or software issues. Physical damage to hardware, such as accidents or natural disasters, is unpredictable and may need hands-on repairs. EV charging software downtime is more complex. It can be due to internet connection, OCPP issues, or scheduled maintenance. In this case, an EV charger management solution that regularly runs self-diagnostic checks and automatic repair protocols resolves many software issues. Best of all, the problem is solved before any human intervention. Software that guarantees high uptime for EV charging stations has become a priority for major rebate program requirements to install public EV chargers. With this in mind, reliability and uptime has become a major talking point in the EV charging industry. 

Why Does Uptime Matter?

Consider a coffee machine you use regularly – nothing too fancy, just a few button pushes before the delicious drink is in your cup. You rely on the machine to function and provide the buzz you want. Now, imagine if the machine is unreliable and you don’t know if it’s working unless you’re in front of it. As a result, you are often disappointed. Why would you keep coming back? When it comes to EV charging solutions, all users benefit from (and are more likely to return to) a reliable EV charging experience.

Once you spend time, money, and effort to install EV charging infrastructure, you expect it to work. Downtime impacts normal business operations and takes attention away from other duties. At the end of the day, it’s a hassle when an employee or manager has to shift resources to fix a problem. Alternatively, high uptime EV charging software ensures a functional system with greatly reduced hands-on management required. First, set pricing, access, and load balancing behaviors. Then move on and allow the software to take care of things. Revenue rolls in, customers come back, and business runs smoothly.

Rest Stop

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The Bottom Line

Install reliable EV charging solutions and the rest will fall into place. Regardless if installing public EV chargers, updating the workplace, or investing in private stations, high uptime matters. Don’t add to your workload; install Powered by Noodoe charging stations and automate your services. Instead of managing your stations, trust your stations to manage themselves.

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