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Hospitality Charging Solutions

Enhance your business and become a green leader in your industry with Noodoe EV Charging.

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An EV Charging Sanctuary

With Noodoe, you choose to attract more clients to your establishment. Hotels that install electric vehicle chargers quickly improve both value and convenience. They are essential for EV drivers who want to charge overnight. Turn your parking lot into an EV charging heaven for visitors and guests.

Attract More Customers

Elevate your customer base by becoming the accommodation of choice for EV drivers.

Boost Business Revenue

Transform your parking lot into an autonomous revenue-generating site.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Show environmental responsibility to promote brand awareness and equity.

Become a Green Leader

Reduce your carbon footprint and help reach company sustainability objectives.

Hands-off Management with Ease

Noodoe EV OS is one of the most advanced EV charging station management systems today. This powerful, cloud-based software is intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, its diagnostic and self-recovery features minimize the need for expensive upgrades or labor. Our platform has one of the best service uptimes in the industry.

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Noodoe EV OS Access Code Add-on Microservice

Powerful Add-on Microservices

Our ever-expanding library of add-on microservices makes Noodoe EV OS robust and versatile. Offer EV charging sessions to all your customers through Access Codes or Voucher Codes. Deliver the best EV charging experience with flexible payment options and a user-friendly charging management system.


Comprehensive Fleet Management

Provide a self-managed charging code to a guest, customer, or VIP for free, effortless charging.

Voucher Code

Offer access to free charging as an amenity with a limited and controlled charging window.

Smart Scheduling

Take control over costs, optimize energy usage and enjoy off-peak hours energy management.

Best EV Charging Experience

Deliver easy charging with a simple payment solution that doesn’t require apps or memberships.

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Wide-range Hardware

Experience seamless integration and fully autonomous operation with our certified EV charging stations, meticulously designed to uphold industry standards for quality and safety. Discover hospitality-centric EV charging solutions that redefine guest experiences and elevate sustainability efforts.

End-to-End Support

At Noodoe, we care about our partners. We offer full support from product delivery to complete turnkey service in the installation and commissioning of charging stations. But our cooperation doesn’t end there! We also offer maintenance support and after-sales care.

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