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Fleet Management Solution

Transition your fleet and hit your sustainability targets with Noodoe’s electric fleet charging management solutions.

Perfect Integration

Transform your fleet to reduce your carbon footprint, improve productivity, and lower costs. With Noodoe, you can ensure that your electric fleet is charged and ready to go whenever needed.

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School Bus Fleet

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Always Ready to Roll, Low Operational Costs

With an industry-leading 99.9% software uptime and hands-off management with Noodoe EV OS, we can help you start or finish the electrification of your fleet. Noodoe EV OS integrates with existing fleet systems, ensuring the smoothest possible operation and providing in-depth insight. Manage energy consumption and control costs.

Easy Management with Noodoe EV OS

Hands-off Management

Charging stations are connected to the cloud automatically managed.

99.9% Software Uptime Guarantee

Automatic diagnostics keep chargers generating revenue and minimize labor costs.

Smart Scheduling

Control energy costs by optimizing energy usage and employing off-peak hours to charge

Vehicle-based Management

Manage vehicles in the fleet with an intuitive access window.

Flexible Access Control

Access configurations for fleet managers and drivers keeps everyone updated.

Load Management

Smart energy allocation controls power across chargers.

EV charging management platform EV OS showing a home dashboard with information

Hardware Agnostic


Noodoe EV OS is hardware agnostic, so it easily integrates with charging stations from a variety of manufacturing brands or deploys to existing networked stations. 

Choose Noodoe charging stations for solid AC chargers, high-power DC chargers, or DCFC solutions that offer a complete solution, autonomous operation, and industry-leading reliability. 

End-to-End Support

At Noodoe, we care about our partners. So we offer full support from product delivery to complete turnkey service in installing and commissioning EV charging stations. But our cooperation doesn’t end there! We also provide maintenance support and after-sales care.

Site Preparation & Installation

From site assessment to complete end-to-end project management and deployment


Full support onsite with Noodoe EV OS activation, including onboarding program

Maintenance Support

Maintenance support and after-sales care from Noodoe's technical support team

See how Noodoe can power EV charging for your business.