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America's Future Highways with NEVI

Last Updated: October 25th, 2023 | Economy & Policy

The United States is about to embark on the greatest leap of electrification since Thomas Edison’s lightbulb; establishing a nationwide electric vehicle charging network. The future of transpThe federal government is developing a range of projects to help drivers switch from gas to electric-powered vehicles, including $7,500 in tax credits. But where do these customers charge their new EVs? That’s where the NEVI program comes in. 

What is NEVI?

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program (NEVI) provides funds to help expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure. A total of $5 billion has been dedicated to all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico over five years. NEVI funding has already approved and funded several projects in 2022 and 2023. The ultimate goal is encouraging businesses and public entities to install DC fast charging (DCFC) stations with government funding and aid. Since all major US automakers are pushing for 50% battery-powered vehicle sales by 2030, future charging infrastructure planning needs to start now. 

To be eligible for funding, a site must:

  1. Be within 1 mile of an interstate exit or highway intersection and within 50 miles of the next charging location.
  2. Have a minimum of 4 CCS ports capable of charging at 150kW simultaneously at each location (600kW minimum capacity per location).

Thanks to NEVI, these new fast charging stations will be exactly where drivers want and need them along high traffic points. 

Where will EV chargers be located?

For the average business situated close to an interstate or highway intersection, NEVI offers more opportunities to install and operate DC fast charging stations. As a result, anyone could play a role in revamping how Americans travel across the nation thanks to EV charging infrastructure. Now is the perfect time to learn this new way to attract new customers and encourage EV drivers to include your property part of their future plans.

In the past, filling stations were limited to highway gas stations. Now, any business site can become a part of the electrified network. Restaurants along highway corridors can give drivers a hot meal and a side of a charged battery. Outlet malls are a quick visit for drivers to browse and stretch their legs while topping up. Gas stations, already ideal for cross-country and highway travel, can level up their offerings by adding fast charging stations along with their existing pumps.

How can Noodoe help?

Once you install DC charging stations, you want to ensure they keep up with demand. The stations should be futureproofed with the best charging architecture and the most effective management system to take full advantage of NEVI. Program funding encompasses a wide range of EV charging acquisition and installation activities. These include purchasing the charging station, development activities, and even signage. Noodoe has all of that AND meets the standard requirements for the NEVI rebate program.


Charging stations have evolved beyond first come, first served. Noodoe DC fast chargers have multi-charging options to provide port connections for more than one EV, fulfilling the requirement of the NEVI project without installing several different pieces of hardware. Exceed DC chargers are available from 90 kW to 360 kW; they already offer 20% above the industry standard but can be powered up further with their upgradeable architecture. For example, you can upgrade the 120 kW model to 150 kW or 180 kW. Exceed DC stations also offer true simultaneous charging. That means operators receive two chargers for the price of one, making charging available to more customers. With fast turnover, greater capacity, and upgradeability, Noodoe’s Exceed hardware is ready for NEVI.


Don’t worry about complicated management or time-intensive supervision of your new hardware. Noodoe EV OS automates the entire process, saving you time and money. In addition, Noodoe EV can help you create the charging ecosystem you want. Our robust management operating system fully integrates with our microservices library to produce the perfect solution for your business.

  • Get revenue with digital payments processed from credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
  • Use high-demand times to your advantage with pre-set pricing during peak hours.
  • Keep a handle on your business with our easy-to-use dashboard and reports.

The Bottom Line

The NEVI program will focus on installing fast charging stations to improve highway corridors and consumer access to high-speed chargers. The best way to provide publically accessible chargers is to give essential businesses an equal say in the deployment. DC fast chargers will improve driver access to high-speed charging and support businesses across the country. The corridors of American highways have a bright future with electric transportation and the revitalization of classic pastimes.  

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