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Government electric fleet vehicle with US federal flag charging from an EV charging station

GSA Electric Vehicle Charging: Powerful Services and Easy Procurement with Noodoe

Last Updated: April 2nd, 2024 | Fleet

Government agencies across the United States are grappling with the urgent need to adopt sustainable vehicle solutions. However, the challenges of government agencies implementing efficient and cost-effective electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and their management are becoming increasingly obvious. As a result, Noodoe has developed customer-centric, easy charging solutions driven by software. These EV charging and fleet management solutions can be easily adapted to any government need or environment, making them perfect for federal and municipal agencies. Noodoe has received a General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract, which makes it easier than ever for public agencies to install and operate electric vehicle charging services for fleet vehicles or public use.

Navigating Complex Procurement Processes: A GSA Contract for Electric Vehicle Charging

The complex procurement process is one of the main pain points for government agencies wanting to add EV charging infrastructure. That’s because the procurement journey can be fraught with challenges and delays, from lengthy bidding processes to stringent compliance requirements. However, with Noodoe’s inclusion in the GSA MAS contract, government customers can bypass these obstacles when setting up a charging and management system or their electric fleet vehicles. They’ll then get access to cutting-edge EV charging solutions through a simplified procurement process. Contract number 47QMCA24D0005 empowers federal, state, and local entities to expedite the acquisition of EV charging infrastructure. This further enables them to meet their sustainability goals more efficiently.

Meeting Diverse Infrastructure Needs: Software is the Game Changer

Government agencies operate across a diverse landscape of facilities and environments, each with its unique infrastructure requirements. Accommodating these different needs presents a significant challenge. That’s true whether it’s using the GSA procurement process to add EV charging stations to government buildings, rural parks, or military installations or to futureproof a municipal fleet with electric vehicles. Noodoe’s flexible and scalable EV charging management system for fleets addresses this by offering a range of options suited to different scenarios. With our software-powered charging stations, government customers can seamlessly integrate EV charging infrastructure into their existing facilities. This ensures accessibility and convenience for employees, visitors, and fleet vehicles alike.

Managing Operational Costs and Maintenance: Quality Matters

Another critical pain point for government agencies is managing the operational costs and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure over time. That’s because managing charging stations involves a range of tasks, from energy consumption monitoring and billing to routine maintenance and troubleshooting. These tasks can strain limited resources and workforce over time. However, with Noodoe’s advanced EV charging management platform, government customers can mitigate these challenges effectively. Our software-powered solution automates billing, payment processing, and infrastructure diagnostics. It also has a wide range of EV fleet management integrations. In total, these features reduce administrative overhead and ensure the optimal performance and reliability of government EV charging stations. With the ability to monitor and manage charging stations remotely, government agencies can streamline operations. They’ll also minimize downtime and maximize the return on their investment in sustainable transportation.

The Bottom Line

The acquisition of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract for electric vehicle charging stations and software management represents a significant milestone for Noodoe. More importantly, it’s a huge benefit to our federal and municipal EV fleet customers, who can now use our GSA contract to simplify the acquisition process. We’re working hard to streamline the procurement process and address key pain points in integrating EV charging services. In fact, what we want most is to empower government agencies to embrace sustainable transportation solutions with confidence and ease. As we continue to collaborate with our government partners, we remain committed to delivering innovative EV charging solutions that meet their evolving needs and support their mission to build a cleaner, greener future for all.