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Support Your EV Charging Equipment

Last Updated: February 18th, 2023 | Infrastructure

In the world of EV charging, there are three things that every charging station manager needs to consider when putting in new equipment: the charging hardware, the management software, and the right peripherals. Those first two get a lot of attention, but what was that last one? What peripherals are we talking about here? Well, I mean the kind of accessories that support a fully-rounded EV charging environment. That can mean an EV charging pedestal, internet support, or cable management system. 

EV Charger Pedestal

This seems like one of those things that shouldn’t change dramatically from one iteration to the next. And yet, not all EV charger pedestals are created equal. When comparing one pedestal to another, it’s important to gauge durability, aesthetics, and modularity. 


EV charger pedestals need to be able to stand up to the elements. Which elements depends a little on where your charging stations will be located. Generally speaking, though, if your charger is installed in an outdoor location, you must ensure the pedestal will stand firm in rain and wind and potentially in high heat or freezing temperatures. When correctly installed, Noodoe stainless steel pedestals are weatherproof and can withstand winds up to 90 miles per hour.


Pedestals shouldn’t be the star player here. Your charging station is the most important part of the package, so it needs to be the main attraction. With that in mind, it’s good to choose an EV charger pedestal that’s attractive, low-profile, and classic in its design. This will make sure that your installed chargers continue to look great over the years.

Single, Double, Back-to-back

There’s more than one way to mount a charger. While the typical pedestal is meant to be a stand-in for wall mounting, this mounting style might not be the most efficient use of your space. A double-angled mount can be placed between two parking spaces and hold two chargers, each angled to face a particular parking spot. On the other hand, perhaps it makes more sense to place your pedestals down a row of parking where vehicles will be able to park on both sides. In that case, a back-to-back setup allows you use one pedestal for two chargers. 

Pedestal Accessories

For most pedestals, that’s the end of the story. It can hold a charger, maybe two, and look not too bad while doing it. Noodoe’s supporting equipment, however, goes beyond. Every piece we create fits together smoothly and easily. Cable management? No problem. Internet access? Slides right on. Never worry about whether the pieces will work together. 

Promo Board

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a promo board is the perfect place to put that picture. Mount anything you want for customers and EV drivers to see: images, offers, instructions, and upcoming events. The options are pretty endless, and you’ll know what suits your business best.

Manage Cables with Ease

If you don’t want your cables lying on the ground (let’s be honest, lots of people forget to put them away nicely), then it’s time to look for a cable management system. There are two types to consider, and the difference mainly depends on whether you want moving parts.

Cable Retractors

Sleek and smooth, cable retractors take up less visual space. They hold your cable off the ground and protect it from potential damage. You can get them in a single or double construction, too. Just check how many chargers you’re planning to mount on your pedestal.

High Point Cable Management

Don’t want any moving pieces? Then a high point system is your best option. This system holds your cables off the ground in the simplest way possible. 

A Gateway to the Internet

Internet connectivity. For some, it’s no hassle. For others, it’s the bane of their existence. This all depends on where your chargers will be located and what your cabling options look like. Perhaps you’ve opted for an EV charging station that comes complete with Wi-Fi connectivity. If so, your work is done! But if not, you might consider a Noodoe Gateway. These devices replace your standard industrial router. They pop right on top of your pedestal and automatically connect to your chargers. Connect to the internet with one simple installation of a Noodoe Gateway! It really couldn’t be easier. 

The Bottom Line

Get to know your site and your options. Installing a charger doesn’t have to be hard, but it can require a little bit of planning. With enough forethought and the right electric vehicle supply equipment, your charging site will be ready in no time. And it’s going to look amazing!

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