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Level 3 DC Chargers

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Noodoe DCFC Series

The Noodoe DC charging station series is your ticket to the fastest, most innovative chargers available. These high-power level 3 charging stations are the industry’s most powerful, highest-performing DC chargers. Through Noodoe technological innovation, our DCFC level 3 chargers offer 20% faster performance at the same price point, an incredible value for money.

Because of their modular internal architecture, Exceed DC chargers are upgradeable. The 120 kW model can be upgraded to 150 kW or 180 kW later.

Exceed DC chargers are two chargers for the price of one because they support true simultaneous charging. Plug two vehicles in and watch them charge at the same time.

Unlike other chargers, Exceed DC fast chargers offer up to 950 volts of charging capacity. Drivers of modern cars will appreciate this powerful charging.

DC Charging Solutions

Noodoe’s DC fast charging offers high-power capabilities, perfect for on-the-go roadside charging, short-term parking facilities, bustling shopping centers, and key traffic hubs. Moreover, these chargers are the ultimate option for logistics fleet companies embarking on the transition to eco-conscious, sustainable fleets. Embrace the future of EV charging with the best EV charger solutions, and expand your influence with an extensive EV charging network and solutions tailored for fast charging needs.

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DC Chargers

Noodoe whitelabel - dc chargers, ac charging car. Noodoe can customize the chargers and you can use Noodoe ev os as your ev charging software. Our chargers are OCPP and agnostics.

Custom Solutions

Forge a distinctive market identity with an all-encompassing EV charging ecosystem seamlessly aligned with your integrated branding. Noodoe streamlines the process, guaranteeing that a wide spectrum of businesses can seamlessly oversee their EV charging solutions. Our comprehensive range of EVSE charging stations further enhances your brand’s visibility, empowering you to fashion an unparalleled EV charging network and customer experience that stands out.

Qualified for Incentives and Rebates

Noodoe is a qualified vendor for many government funding for electric vehicle charging station programs offering EV charger installation incentives. Benefit from our expertise as a partner.