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Introducing Noodoe DC EXCEED EV Charging Station

Last updated: August 22nd, 2023 | Infrastructure

Direct current (DC) charging stations are the superpowered hardware of the EV industry. Also known as level 3 chargers, they are the fastest electric car charging stations. But some are a cut above the rest – introducing the Noodoe DC EXCEED range. These DC chargers allow true simultaneous charging, operate above industry standards, and are futureproof in so many ways. These intuitive EV chargers are the ideal solution to customize and expand. Let’s count the ways an EXCEED DC charger fulfills the now and future needs of EV drivers.

Check out our previous blogs if you want to know more about the difference between AC and DC chargers or have asked yourself, “How does a DC fast charger work?

1) Modular Architecture

The first thing you should know about a Noodoe EXCEED DC charger is not to judge a book by its cover. EXCEED models may all appear the same, a bit like a futuristic wardrobe, but the internal architecture makes all the difference. Let’s use the 150 kW charger as an example. Upon installation, the EV charger offers 150 kW output from two EV connector ports (you decide the port type). After a few months of use, maybe you decide you want to empower your site to offer the fastest recharging session in your community. 

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Instead of completely renovating your site and replacing the hardware, Noodoe can upgrade the 150 kW charger with a 30 kW power module. This increases the potential output to 180 kW, further empowering your charging sessions! This modular architecture is possible for all Noodoe DC EXCEED chargers.

2) 20% Above Average

DC fast charging (DCFC) stations get EV drivers powered up and back on the road as quickly as possible. The fastest electric car charging stations are found on popular highways at rest stops, gas stations, or other quick turnaround businesses. Noodoe DC EXCEED stations increase your charging speed potential AND total power output by 20% more than the industry standard at a special price. With the modular architecture potential to upgrade in the future, these DC chargers are truly the best charge for your buck.

3) Simultaneous Charging

The average DC charger has two charging ports to support accessibility with different charging port types. However, the station only directs kW down one cable at a time. Luckily, that’s not true for the EXCEED range. These models support TRUE simultaneous charging, meaning you can plug two vehicles in and watch them charge at the same time. That also means you essentially get two chargers for the price of one- we call that innovation. 

It’s not just Noodoe DC chargers that are groundbreaking – it’s also our smart EV charger solutions. With Load Management features, your site can install up to 4x more different types of chargers without overloading the electric grid. That’s even more innovation.

4) Futureproof Voltage

Most EVs we see on the roads today are powered with 400-volt engine technology, but innovation moves fast. Automakers already produce powerful vehicles with 800-volt charging capabilities! Increased adoption of EVs naturally leads to demands for equally powerful charging options worldwide. Noodoe EXCEED stations prepare for the future of EV charging; the maximum output for these stations is 950 volts! Lightning-fast charging sessions promise to support EV drivers today, tomorrow, and beyond.

5) Eligible for Incentives

By adding this service to your business model, you can take advantage of early funding support. There are funding opportunities for individuals, workplaces, communities, and more. With Noodoe, you can get up to 100% of installation costs covered. DC EXCEED charging stations meet the regulations and safety requirements for a wide range of incentive programs, and Noodoe experts are consistently updating our information page. If you reach out today, we can find the best and most relevant programs for your plans, develop your site, and set you up for charging success.

Install DC EXCEED charging stations at your site and provide the future of EV charging experiences today.

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