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Noodoe Unveils Next-Generation Fleet Electrification Management with Noodoe EV OS System

Noodoe Unveils Next-Generation Electric Fleet Management to Supercharge Electrification Efforts

Noodoe's Electric Fleet Management Solution makes transitioning to electrified fleets effortless, offering streamlined integration and simplified management for company fleets worldwide.

Houston, Texas |  MAY 31, 2023


s companies grapple with the complexities of electrifying their gas-powered fleets, Noodoe, world leading electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider, today announced its supercharged Electric Fleet Management Solution, ushering in a new generation of fleet management, custom-built for the electric era. The announcement was made by Jennifer Chang, Noodoe's CEO: "The ever-increasing intricacies of fleet management brought about by the EV revolution have disrupted the way companies worldwide do business. Noodoe's advanced Fleet Management Solution streamlines electrification efforts, easing the transition to electric vehicles."

Fleets around the world are stepping into the EV epoch and need a system built for this next generation of fleet management. Noodoe offers unparalleled support to businesses transitioning to their first or integrating their last electric vehicle. In Noodoe EV OS, Noodoe’s innovative cloud-based operating system for managing all aspects of EV charging services, setting up a new electric fleet, rolling an existing one onto the system, or managing a mixed fleet in the process of transitioning could not be easier. Fleet integration happens in a few clicks, and administrators can easily manage vehicles, telematics devices, and EV charging stations. Managers can assign and reassign telematics devices, moving them from gas-powered to electric vehicles seamlessly. Noodoe EV OS makes managing already electrified or transitioning fleets truly frictionless.

Noodoe’s Fleet Solution kicks off the next generation of fleet management. By meeting the needs of fleet managers throughout the electrification process, Noodoe answers some of the biggest worries transitioning fleets have. (1) Businesses no longer need to worry about tracking a vehicle’s potential range or state of charge. The Noodoe Fleet Management Solution integrates with new and existing telematics devices (even those attached to gas-powered vehicles) to provide the live status of every fleet vehicle, including its current battery level when in the field or the amount of energy already transferred when charging. (2) Managers need not worry about potential complications from adding EV chargers. Noodoe EV OS manages both the fleet vehicles and the business’ charging stations, giving dispatchers a complete overview of their entire operation from a single platform. (3) Fleet managers do not need to be concerned with calculating vehicle charging and departure times. Integrated dynamic load balancing and advanced smart scheduling make it easy to manage fleet charging times autonomously. Set a departure time, and the system will automatically arrange its power distribution priorities to ensure each vehicle meets its deadline.

Noodoe has committed itself to advancing the worldwide adoption of electric vehicles. Its next-generation electric Fleet Solution makes the transition to electrified fleets simple. Offering end-to-end support and a team of committed EV charging experts ready to support businesses throughout their transition, Noodoe has doubled down on providing the best EV charging experience to every fleet operator.


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