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Noodoe in Australia & New Zealand

Last Updated: March 15th, 2023 | E-Mobility

Australia isn’t exactly Norway. It’s not famous for its amazing transition to electrified vehicles. Nor do people know it for its government set on making sure emissions decrease quickly. In spite of those factors, Australians have wanted more EVs for years. The low supply of EVs to the Australian market is slowly changing, and so comes an ever-increasing demand for EV charging stations across the country. These are all reasons why Noodoe wants to expand and work with more EV charging partners in Australia.

Enter, Sam Moran, Country Manager for Noodoe in Australia and New Zealand. He sees that Australia in the last two years has experienced incredible year-on-year EV sales growth. Moran noticed, “There seemed to be a lack of simple solutions for businesses to provide EV charging solutions and services to EV customers.” To meet that need, Moran helps Noodoe focus on supplying simple, cost-effective, and intuitive EV charging solutions. His goal is to keep businesses from worrying about their EV charging management so they can focus on what they do best.

Noodoe and Australia

Noodoe’s mission is an international one: “to accelerate the world’s transition to zero-emission electric vehicles by providing advanced mission-critical technologies that power EV charging networks worldwide.” Our values align perfectly with Moran’s vision for the Australian EV charging market. 

As a native Aussie, Moran is boots on the ground and collaborates closely with partners in Australia. He said he can “recognize and appreciate a great user experience, both from end-user, and administrative perspectives – and Noodoe EV OS certainly delivers.”  Our recent strategic partnerships focus on providing an optimal user experience through Noodoe EV OS to users in both Australia and New Zealand. Moran has over ten years in the IT industry. 

Why Work With Noodoe?

At Noodoe, we strive to make our relationships mutually beneficial. We want our partners to receive the support they need to carry out their business goals. In Australia, that has meant Noodoe and Moran collaborating with local Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to devise new solutions to suit market needs. “In my experience, that takes the relationship much further towards a true partnership, when compared to a standard supplier relationship,” Moran said. 

Golden Sands on the Beach

At Main Beach on the Gold Coast, sits Golden Sands on the Beach. It offers private beach access and gorgeous views of the ocean. Golden Sands recently finished major refurbishment of the building and its apartments. The construction coincided with the great tourism challenges wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Golden Sands team prepared for the renovation, it chose to meet another challenge it had recently faced.

Leading up to construction, both permanent residents and temporary stay guests increasingly asked about EV charging. So, Golden Sands reached out to Moran for an easy, manageable solution. Moran offered the Noodoe AC7P EV charger, powered by Noodoe EV OS. The team at Golden Sands were impressed with both the simple yet elegant user experience – Scan (the QR code), Pay, and Charge – and with the level of automation enabled by Noodoe EV OS. The system requires no hands-on management or monitoring. All of this allows the Golden Sands team to focus on running their business, support their residents and guests, and leave the EV solution and management to Noodoe.

With Queensland now opening its borders, the Golden Sands team is ready for an influx of travelers to make the most of their summer on the beach. Thanks to Moran and Noodoe, this beautiful corner of Australia is now also ready to support EV-driving residents and guests with their EV charging needs. 

First in Australia

This AC7P charger was the first Noodoe EV station to go live in Australia. We’re simultaneously pleased and proud to have had this experience with Gold Sands on the Beach. According to Moran, “The experience with the hardware installation and commissioning process was fantastic.” 

In Australia, Noodoe is not only focused on providing EV charging solutions for small businesses and residential/hotel accommodations. We also have solutions for shopping centers and shared parking spaces. Not to mention end-to-end solutions for dealerships, fleets, and DC fast charger networks. Noodoe believes one of the best ways to work towards accelerating EV adoption is to support businesses. We do this by providing the tools needed to simplify the electrification transition and offering EV customers and residents EV charging services that suit their needs. We are looking forward to many long and successful partnerships Down Under. 

The Bottom Line

With EV adoption accelerating rapidly – particularly in Australia and New Zealand – there will be a large part to play for innovative companies like Noodoe. These companies focus on simplifying and enhancing the EV charging experience and on assisting businesses and customers with a smooth transition to electric transportation. Says Moran, “I’m pleased to be working with Noodoe on the journey ahead.” So are we, Sam. So are we!

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