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What is Noodoe EV OS?

Last Updated: March 15th, 2023  | EV Charging Management Platform

Get under the hood of any smart EV charger and take a good look at the digital management system running the show. Every system is different, and it’s easy to say that not all are coded equal. When choosing a system, it’s best to know more than just the basics. Examine all the charging system features available. Sometimes, those lesser-known features are what makes a software solution something you couldn’t imagine being without.

Membership-less Charging

Nothing’s worse than pulling up to a charging station, ready to charge, only to realize the station system requires an app or (even worse) a membership to operate. Either you’re stuck while you download the app and set up a new account and billing, or you have to find another charger somewhere else. A station running Noodoe EV OS requires no memberships or accounts for public charging. Drivers scan the QR code on the device, choose their preferred payment method, and start charging! It’s as simple as that. Input a phone number, and the station will send out an SMS when the vehicle finishes charging.

Automated Peak-Hour Pricing

Depending on your location, energy prices or availability can vary wildly throughout the day. In either of these cases, you can choose to employ our peak hour pricing feature. In the Noodoe operating system, choose the time and price you want to set for those peak hours. Once you’ve chosen your price and times, Noodoe EV OS takes it from there. Your chargers will now automatically switch pricing at your predetermined time without you lifting a finger! Alter the time or prices whenever you want.

Occupancy Fee

What do you do when there’s someone in the community who insists on parking at your EV charger for the whole day? While there’s no polite way to force a driver to move, Noodoe EV OS has an easy feature to solve your lost revenue: occupancy fee. Once a vehicle has reached a full charge, the occupancy fee kicks in. Set the occupancy charge (hourly) and even offer a grace period (15 mins up to 2 hours!) between full charge and the fee kicking in. It’s easy to set everything to suit the needs of your business.

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Load Management

Not every power grid excels in the EV era. Even if your grid has no problem supporting a few EV chargers, what if you really want to install 10 instead of 4? Noodoe EV OS provides load balancing for sites that need more chargers. No expensive electrical upgrades are required. The system intelligently distributes power across your chargers, sending that power where it’s needed when it’s needed. Learn more about Noodoe EV OS Load Management.

Mixed-Billing Charging

It’s common for payment portals to feature a single way of interacting with them. That might, for example, be tapping a credit card or scanning a QR code. Noodoe EV OS, however, features multiple ways of interacting with chargers. As such, station operators can offer different payment tiers or paid vs. free charging.

Employee vs. Customer Charging

Some business parks offer EV charging as a free perk to employees. But, this doesn’t mean they can’t monetize them as a paid service to visitors. Noodoe EV OS has an integrated membership management system. With this feature, employees can become members of the free business park membership group. Visitors, on the other hand, interact with stations as they would with any other Noodoe charger: scan, pay, and charge.

Charger Codes

When it comes to charging system features, a code is a code, right? Well, Noodoe EV OS has several types of codes usable for a range of situations.

Charging Code

A charging code acts like a public wifi password. This is useful if you want to limit who can use your chargers (hotel guests) or want to track how many convention attendees used the chargers during the convention. These codes can be given out or published and changed at will, which is especially helpful if you’re offering charging only for those who have the code.

Voucher Code

A voucher code is a 1-time bonus. It’s secure and personal, use it a single time before it expires from the charging system. These are perfect as handouts with VIP packages or part of shopping center promotions.

Discount Code

Discount codes are after-the-fact codes. When a shopper enters a store or a diner parks at a restaurant, they plug in the car and starts charging. After making purchases or eating dinner, the establishment then says they’re qualified for an EV charging discount. Just like discounts for parking, these codes are a great perk to reward customers for spending time and money at your business.

The Bottom Line

Noodoe EV OS includes more than charging station management. Beyond autonomous operations and hands-off translation services, the charging system offers a wide range of features and solutions. They’re perfect for taking your EV charging solution to the next level!

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