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Noodoe University: EV Charging Voucher Codes

Last Updated: November 3rd, 2023 | EV Charging Management Platform

Electric vehicle charging stations are easy to promote when you have the right tools. The ever-expanding Noodoe EV OS has a  library of add-on software to multi-task EV charging services with extra features. Companies all over the world use vouchers and voucher codes as a way to attract customers, increase sales, and solidify customer loyalty. But with this simple promotion feature you can do so much more. It all depends on how you think about it!

At an exhibition or convention center, organizers may want to offer free charging for the participants or partners of hosted events. However, given the costs of EV charging, owners also want to successfully manage charger usage. In such cases, a one-time code can be deployed. This voucher code is valid for 12 hours upon activation. Afterward, participants or partners can contact the event organizer to get a new voucher code.

What does this service mean in terms of EV charging stations?

Microservices are small additions that can be integrated with the charger’s operating system. They provide expanded functionality that are specific to certain events, needs, or businesses. Noodoe’s library of EV OS add-on software range from those with a heavy marketing focus (discount codes) to those purely meant to support businesses (fleet solutions).

What exactly is the Voucher Code service?

In short, the voucher code service creates a code for a single EV charging session. How that session is given to the driver depends entirely on the business. The time and usability are limited by the code, which can be used once and then become void.

How does the Voucher Code service work?

Voucher codes have such a range of use, we thought it best to show examples of a few scenarios! Of course, these are just a few of the numerous ways we grow and develop your charging business with our solution. You’re only limited by your creativity. 

Happy Earth Day!

Jean owns a multi-location outdoors store. As Earth Day approaches, she knows that competition will be fierce as several local competitors are running big sales to attract customers at the beginning of Spring. Enthusiasts are thinking about all the hiking, rowing, and camping they want to do. Last year, Jean installed a few EV charging stations in her parking lots, and they’ve had good use over the last 12 months. Her EV-driving customers know where they are and use them when they shop. To sweeten her own stores’ sales, she offers a free charging session to every customer who spends $100 or more. She has cards printed with voucher codes so employees can immediately reward the buying customers. The offer is a huge success as many customers end up adding extra items to their purchases just to become eligible for the EV charging vouchers.

Local Journalism Convention

The Daylight Hotel and Conference Center is hosting a convention of journalists. The organizers expect 200 people and are preparing gift bags for each attendee. Leon, the hotel manager, has worked with conventions before and knows that one of the reasons their center is so popular has to do with their EV charging stations. He reaches out to the convention organizers and suggests they include a voucher for free EV charging in the bags. The Daylight Hotel and Conference Center has done this before and has a system in place to sell the charging vouchers to the organizers for a flat fee. The center provides engraved cards with the code, and each attendee receives one. It’s been a hit in the past.The organizers are interested in the potential for their invited guests. They purchase a voucher for each bag.

VIP Suite

Rose Tower is the most comfortable and convenient hotel in the city. Its VIP suite on the 18th floor overlooks the entire cityscape and to the river beyond. Additionally, the hotel prides itself on its LEED Gold certification and its focus on sustainable building and business practices. Every reservation for the VIP suite includes the expected range of amenities. Among the offering is always a voucher for a free session of EV charging, automatically emailed to the guest’s inbox the afternoon before their stay. Noodoe provides the codes, but Rose Tower provides the service.

The Bottom Line

Additional services, like voucher or discount codes, allow EV charging station owners and operators to develop their businesses in unique ways. Voucher Codes are only as limited as your imagination. Whatever your business, we’re sure you can find a way to make vouchers a compelling customer enticement.

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