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EV Charging Membership Management

Last Updated: July 16th, 2023 | EV Charging Management Platform

What exactly is an EV charging membership management program and why might it be useful? Well, let’s say you have an EV charger and want to make it available for lots of different people to use. Maybe you manage an apartment complex or own an office building. You know your current users are clamoring for EV chargers, but you’re also interested in making sure the charger doesn’t sit idle when it could be monetized to improve your bottom line. That’s where membership management comes into play.

Decide who can charge at your charging stations:

Employees? Residents? Everyone? Your choice.

Customize price based on the kind of user:

Free charging for employees but want visitors to get billed?

Define whether you want complete control or mixed-use:

Can drivers in the neighborhood charge alongside your members?

Noodoe EV OS’s integrated membership management system allows you to set different rules and rates for different kinds of users. Decide whom you’re catering to, and then design your whole system around them. It’s the real VIP treatment.

 Business Park Membership Management

VIP employee charging

Offer your employees free or discounted charging. Their membership locks in their rate. Every time they scan the charger to start charging, EV OS automatically sets their rate based on their membership.

Other business park employees

You have an EV charger and want to offer discounted charging to all nearby workers, but at the same time you don’t want to discourage other charging opportunities. Perhaps set up a charging membership just for others working in the same business park. It’s a great perk for them and encourages those employees to use your charger first. With Noodoe EV OS, you can easily control the style of membership you want to offer. Members just scan, plug in, and charge using their membership to set the rate., 

Visitors and neighbors

Does all this membership stuff mean that you can’t leave your charger open for public use? Of course, it doesn’t. By setting your EV charger up for both member and non-member charging, any visitor or passerby can plug in and pay your public charging rate. Our chargers are easily findable through EV charging apps, so they’ll know you’re there as soon as you’re ready to go!

Other membership program

The Noodoe EV Membership Management feature is usable for all kinds of situations.

  • Create VIP programs for gas stations looking to add EV charging to their business model and hoping to encourage repeat charging customers.
  • Car dealerships can bundle charging incentives into sales of electric vehicles.
  • Condos and apartment buildings can offer residential EV charging to attract and retain valuable EV-driving tenants.
  • Hotels and hospitals can provide complimentary or discounted EV charging to guests and patients while requiring visitors to pay more.

The sky’s the limit!


The digital membership

No more cards taking up valuable pocket space. EV charging memberships can be digitized and always at hand. Every member receives a QR code that they can use to link their membership to a mobile membership wallet on their phones. That wallet becomes home to all their charging membership privileges. Companies can send the membership to a new member in an email, on a printed card, or through a mailed invite. However your company decides to do it, the member receives a QR code that leads them through the membership process and helps them set up the mobile wallet on their phone.

Using the membership

Once their membership is created in Noodoe EV OS, members have access to all of the membership privileges in their accounts. The membership functions through a digital top-up system. Members put money into their account, and the program deducts from it when they charge. Once their account has some money in it, they’re ready to go! Members need only scan a Noodoe EV charger in a network connected to their membership, and they can charge at their VIP rate.

Easy of management

For membership-providing network owners, all information is centralized in your Noodoe EV OS dashboard. Manage members and track charging history from all connected chargers easily, all in one place.

What about non-members?

They’ll still be able to use your chargers quickly and easily. For standard-rate charging, Noodoe EV chargers are simple to use. No apps are needed for a quick charge, and can be paid by Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card. Neighbors and drivers will find your chargers a breeze to use.

The Bottom Line

EV chargers improve your bottom line, generating passive income by taking advantage of resources – parking spaces – you already have. Customers, residents, and clients appreciate on-site EV charging and are now starting to ask about its availability more often. Local communities take advantage of EV chargers for personal charging when home chargers are unavailable or when workplaces do not provide them. EV charging membership programs help attract and develop these potential customers, creating a preferred charging network for them to use. They also help entice and retain employees and residents by offering a valuable amenity that’s quickly becoming a necessary resource. Electric vehicles are here to stay. Is your business ready for their drivers?

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