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Hotel Solutions for EV Charging

Last Updated: March 3rd, 2023 | Sustainable Business

Do you consider EV charging when you travel? If you own, or want to rent, an electric vehicle, you certainly should. While public charging infrastructure continues to improve, overnight on-site chargers are a must before setting out for a long day of meetings or visiting theme parks. That’s why it’s becoming more important for hotels to make sure they offer EV charging on-site!

From Amenity to Necessity

“Do you have Wi-Fi?” To the modern hotel, the question has an obvious answer: “Of course we do!” In fact, over the years, Wi-Fi has gone from a desirable amenity to a utility required by all holiday-makers. No business traveler is going to book a room in a hotel that cannot meet the minimum requirements for daily work. Internet access may once have been merely a value-added revenue stream, it is now a necessity. The same scenario is now starting to play out with EV charging. History, as they say, repeats itself. 

Why EV Charging? Why Now?

Not only are there more electric vehicles than ever on the roads, but interest in EVs is at an all-time high. Countries around the world are setting end dates for the sale of new gas-powered vehicles. Also, governments are offering subsidies for the purchases of electrified fleets, for the installation of EV charging infrastructure, and for the consumer purchase of EVs and hybrid cars. 

More and more hotel guests are driving up to the front doors in electric vehicles expecting EV charging options. That vehicle might be their own, or it might be one they’ve rented for a few days to try it out. In October 2021, Hertz announced that it signed a deal with Tesla to purchase 100,000 Model 3 sedans. For any driver hoping to test one out for a few days, a quick business trip is the perfect time! That means finding a hotel with EV charging stations available. With a wealth of options available, why would our electrified traveler bother staying somewhere without charging options? In such a case, charging isn’t an amenity; it’s a deciding factor.

For hotel owners, the real goal is keeping up with and staying ahead of the competition. While some business owners feel that the siren’s song of electrification has drawn us into turbulent seas, that doesn’t have to be the case if you have the right charging partner.

Hospitality Solutions

The savvy hotelier knows to find solutions suited to their business. Yes, you can install any EV charger and offer guests the ability to power up. But wouldn’t it be nice to also have stations particularly suited to your needs? Noodoe EV charging stations can be deployed as new revenue streams, making paid charging available to guests, while also creating a free amenity for VIPs. 

Access Codes

Access codes act just like Wi-Fi codes. Any EV driver with the code can access free EV charging at any of the specified charging stations. This eco-friendly amenity can be offered to all guests or only to those staying in VIP rooms. It’s your choice! And just like internet passwords, Access Codes can be changed at any time through the Noodoe EV OS cloud-based dashboard. You have complete control over the EV charging at your hotel.

Voucher Codes

A one-time charging perk can be offered to guests who stay a certain number of days or in certain rooms. Voucher Codes are also excellent in attendance bags for locations that run conferences or conventions. With these codes, hotels can make sure that they control access to free charging. They create a window of free charging that can be used only once before the code becomes invalid. 

Valet Parking

Valet parking has been a premium hospitality amenity offered exclusively for decades. However, handing your valet the company credit card to cover the cost of charging might not be your preferred choice. Likewise, no valet is going to happily use their own Google Pay or Apple Pay for the charging stations. This is why Noodoe offers hotels a Valet Parking solution for EV charging. Your valet needs only have access to the Noodoe App with their employee authorization logged in. Any charging sessions begun with that authorization are automatically free of charge. Should any other guest or visitor want to charge, the station is available at your pre-determined charging fee. It’s a simple solution to a potentially complicated problem.

Middle of the Night Charging

Finally, imagine asking your guests to move their vehicles at 2 AM so another customer can charge. This isn’t a good option for anyone involved. Nobody with an 8 AM meeting wants to receive a phone call in the middle of the night asking them to free up a charging station. Instead, everyone can plug in without taking more than they need. Noodoe EV OS’s power management features then help chargers allocate the available power, making sure it flows to empty batteries instead of full ones. Why upset your guests when you can simply and automatically move the power instead of the vehicles?

The Bottom Line

For EV driving patrons wanting a place to spend the night, vehicle charging is quickly evolving from a luxurious amenity to a deciding factor in booking accommodation. Competitive hoteliers need to stay ahead of the curve in order to attract and retain valuable patrons. Noodoe has clean, conscientious charging solutions specifically designed to support hotel owners and their guests. 

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