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Driving Revenue: How EV Charging Boosts Golf Club Profits

Last Updated: March 28th, 2024 | Hospitality

Golf and country clubs are no strangers to electric vehicles. Golf carts have been electrified for decades. But as the rest of the world starts to electrify, golf clubs find themselves at a unique overlap of tradition and innovation. With the increase in electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads, club owners with foresight see the opportunity to serve this growing group. Offering EV charging services at a golf course or country club parking lot makes you an attractive trip destination for sustainability-minded patrons. You’ll be able to meet customer needs, drive revenue, and enhance the overall guest experience.

Why is EV charging the next hot amenity for golf resorts and country clubs? 

Golf club and resort managers know the importance of premium amenities. You’ve evolved to offer modern comforts like spas and gourmet dining. The next logical step is integrating EV charging services as part of your golf course’s paid or all-inclusive destination resort offerings. As car makers put out beautiful, exciting EVs, drivers will buy them and want somewhere to charge. Golf courses are the perfect site for EV charging because visitors park for long periods of time. Long dwell time (how long someone’s parked) is ideal for AC charging stations run by a hands-off software management solution.

But aren’t EV chargers hard to install and manage?

While the benefits of offering EV charging services at golf clubs are clear, the necessary steps to get there can present challenges. From ensuring integration with existing spaces to the everyday management of your services, several factors must be considered. This is where Noodoe shines, offering solutions that streamline the installation process and provide clubs with a complete management system for their charging stations. No extra staff is needed to make sure your chargers are online and offering service. Can you say that about any of your other offerings?

Okay, how do I generate revenue with EV charging?

One of the main benefits of using Noodoe charging solutions is the ability to turn parking areas into revenue streams for golf resorts and country clubs. By offering fee-based services, destination clubs meet the growing demand for EV charging while giving added value to golfing guests who made the trip. Noodoe EV OS, that hands-off management system, makes sure everyone who charges pays what you want for it. That said, your resort or club’s pricing strategy can be anything you want it to be. Free charging? Paid only on weekends? Membership deals? They’re all options.

How can EV charging contribute to guest loyalty at my destination?

You know guest experience is vital to maintaining loyalty and attracting new members. With Noodoe charging solutions to your destination, golf clubs can offer a smooth EV charging experience to their guests, raising overall satisfaction and loyalty. The software management system ensures guests can easily locate and access charging stations and experience an easy charging experience. Both of these further elevate their experience and increase their loyalty to the club. 

The Bottom Line 

Noodoe EV charging services offer golf clubs a powerful way to expand amenity offerings, drive revenue, and enhance guest satisfaction. By using Noodoe’s comprehensive software management system, clubs can not only meet the growing demand for EV charging but also differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Ready to take your golf club to the next level? Contact us for a personalized consultation and discover how our integrated software management system and EV charging stations can work for you.