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Noodoe University: EV Charger Access Code

Last Updated: February 21st, 2023 | EV Charging Management Platform

While EV charging is an important source of revenue for certain businesses, for others it’s a perk to offer to EV drivers as they pass through. Access Codes give businesses a way to offer controlled access to complimentary charging on-site in a way that feels comfortable and familiar to business owners and customers alike. In the same way that a hotel or restaurant might give out a Wi-Fi access password, establishments can offer EV drivers free Access Codes for their EV charging stations. Noodoe EV OS streamlines the whole process with the Access Code, available through the Noodoe EV OS add-on library.

What are Noodoe add-on services?

Noodoe’s management platform, Noodoe EV OS, can seamlessly integrate a range of add-on features. Access to the different options can be added to any Noodoe EV OS subscription and give the host access to a broad range of powerful, flexible solutions that optimize EV charger management. Noodoe’s Access Codes give EV charger managers the ability to turn their chargers into powerful marketing tools to drive business and increase customer loyalty.

Access Code

As with all of Noodoe EV OS abilities, enabling the Access Code is simple. Once you have access to code setup in your Noodoe EV OS console, simply fill out the information, and you’re ready to go. That means choosing which chargers to set up with Access Code charging and defining your own codes. The code can be changed at any time. Want to have one charger set aside just for VIP customers staying in a specific suite? You can change the code as often as the suite changes occupants. It’s your choice!

    • Go to Site Management in Noodoe EV OS
    • Define your access code and choose a label so you know its purpose
    • Noodoe EV OS can manage up to 10 charging codes at the same time

After setting up your Access Code, all you have to do is get it to your customers. That could mean a sign on your concierge’s desk. Or, maybe you’d rather keep it for your VIPs. Put a note in the welcome book for your customer or client. You can even use it to run temporary charging offers: “This Black Friday Enjoy Free Charging at Global Outlets!” Attract customers in whatever way works best for your business.

Lakeside Inn: Victoria

Victoria owns and manages Lakeside Inn, a bed and breakfast that sits on the edge of a large lake. Families and couples visit the area every year during the summer season to play in the water and enjoy the local natural beauty. Victoria knows that her customers are often eco-conscious and love the experience of being in nature. Victoria believes that she could also attract drivers of hybrid and fully electrified vehicles if she offers EV charging on-site. 

After installing two chargers on-site, Victoria sees an increase in EV drivers coming to the Inn. For a while, she’s the only hotel or B&B on her side of the lake that offers charging on-site. As time goes on, however, other locations catch on and start installing their own charging stations. Victoria wants to set herself apart. The cost of electricity isn’t that much in comparison to the profit she gets from high-season guests. 

Stand Out Easily

A quick look at the Noodoe EV OS catalogue shows one potential answer. Victoria notices the Access Code feature, and it gets her thinking. Could she offer guests access to EV charging as part of their stay’s total cost? The Access Code would allow her to control who pays for charging and who doesn’t. For the next season, she creates a few Lakeside Electrified deals for EV drivers coming to Lakeside Inn. Any guest staying for two or more nights receives their own Access Code, giving them the ability to charge their EV for free while staying at Lakeside. In Noodoe EV OS, Victoria can easily change the Access Code after each customer so free charging is only available to those with the most updated code. 

The marketing campaign is a huge success. The free charging attracts EV drivers, who consistently choose to stay at Lakeside Inn that summer. It’s so effective that Victoria chooses to continue the deal into the shoulder season.

Ease of Management

Running her chargers on Noodoe EV OS makes managing her access codes so simple. Victoria can maintain control over charging access and change codes whenever she needs to. All she has to do is decide on the code and supply it to her guest. The rest is done for her by her charging station management platform: Noodoe EV OS!

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