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Providing a 300-Unit Multifamily Property with a Reliable, Hands-off EV Charging Solution


Waterstar Madison Apartment, Central Florida


Electric Vehicle Charging at Apartment Complex


Outdated amenities at an apartment complex lead to occupancy rate difficulties – closing new rental agreements and the loss of existing residents. Reliable, easily managed EV charging services offer an edge over competitors and improve satisfaction.


Software-managed EV charging solution for up to 10 vehicles a day, featuring Noodoe EV OS management platform to track user-specific sessions for monthly billing and monitoring the health of the five new dual-port AC chargers.

EV Site Solutions

EV Site Solutions offers enhancement services for businesses and property owners, taking the guesswork and financial pressure out of the installation process. The EVSS team has a wide range of successful EV charging sites in their portfolio and ensures a 98% service uptime across all charging ports with a software-drive solution. In an industry where unreliability plagues most EV drivers, EVSS strives to provide enjoyable charging experiences.

Background: Managing EV Charging Stations as a Rental Agreement Utility

For the Waterstar Madison Apartment Community, many residents own electric vehicles but had no home charging. There are some options for public charging in Central Florida, but they are located far from home, unreliable, and frustrating. Residents want a home that accommodates all their needs. Instead of spending hours advertising empty units, property managers decided to maintain unit occupancy while gaining additional revenue sources by installing resident-exclusive charging stations with Noodoe EV OS.

The combination of reliable, hands-off EV charging management software and charging hardware is the correct answer for the 300-unit multifamily community property. EVSS is ideally situated to solve the empty-unit problem for the Waterstar Madison Apartment Community by setting up a new charging services program.



The Noodoe Answer

Smart, software-managed chargers provide an intuitive platform for a “set and forget” hands-off network management experience. EVSS installs ten 7kW AC power plugs for residents to charge at home. The new EV charging solution has satisfied residents’ and management needs.


According to the CEO of EVSS, Ben Pauluhn, the installation of their new smart EV charging stations was perfectly timed. He says,

The demand is there… [EV charging services] open a market segment of more affluent tenants that we otherwise would simply not be able to attract or retain.. We focus on excellence of service and uptime.”

Noodoe answered EVSS’ needs. These are the top five ways that enhanced software features faced the common challenges for the apartment community:

Easy Start for Charging

Meets Customer Demand

High Uptime Guarantee

Fair Rates for All Drivers

Futureproof Upgrade

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