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Multisite Management for EV Chargers

Last Updated: March 15th, 2023 | Sustainable Business

EV charging feels pretty straightforward when you only have a single location. No matter what, you can always directly go check your hardware. But what about businesses looking to expand and grow as Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to provide charging across an array of sites? What if you own a chain of hotels or multiple gas stations and want to install charging stations? What does it look like to manage chargers across multiple sites? You might be wondering, “How can I manage and operate so many charging units at different sites all at once?” Well, existing multisite charging networks might have a crew that goes to all charging locations for upkeep and maintenance. Or maybe, they’re just using Noodoe EV OS!

Working Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to building a scalable network, the name of the game really is autonomy. Your charging station management system (CSMS) needs to make it easy for you, especially if you have multiple sites. That way you can focus on the business of doing business. 

Automation Makes Management Easy

What does it mean to have your EV chargers work for you? It means streamlining finances by automatically billing transactions and transferring the money to a defined bank account. It means giving the manager the ability to make pricing adjustments on the fly or on a standardized schedule. It means being able to respond to peak-hour energy pricing, automatically reflecting the price change at your EV charging stations! In the end, it means trusting that your chargers will do their job so you can do yours.

Automatic Diagnostics and Self-Repair

What happens when something goes wrong? The last thing you want is for a customer to park at a charging station and see an error code. If you’re managing your system with Noodoe EV OS, there’s an easy answer: automated diagnostics. Noodoe EV OS has the intelligence to automatically diagnose any problem, alert the site manager, and run the built-in self-recovery system. It minimizes the need for maintenance staff and ensures optimal operating conditions for every EV charging station.​ There’s no need to drive an hour to check charging sites. And there’s no need to have an army of repair professionals on speed dial. Noodoe EV OS can take care of it!

Navigating Multiple Sites Easily

How do you do it? How do you keep all the chargers organized and clear? They’re in different locations. They might be different models. Perhaps different chargers have different uses. Noodoe EV OS allows site managers to have full control of their charging units. That’s true whether they operate one site or hundreds. 

The Master's Account

Any business that manages multiple sites gets a Noodoe EV OS Master Account. Because that account stacks all sites together, it streamlines charger management across different locations. In fact, the web console centralizes everything, so only one site manager is needed to make quick decisions for all chargers. When entering any of the sites, the manager can monitor all activities from the charging units. They can even modify charger functions without needing to log into a different account or send a crew member to the charger’s location. Functions such as pricing set-up, peak hour pricing, occupancy fee, grace period, and payment method, as well as many others, are directly accessible through the master account.

Remote Control

Master Accounts for managing chargers across multiple sites allow operators to help their customers any time, whether they’re onsite or afar. Tools such as remote start and remote stop for charging sessions are important parts of the Noodoe EV OS console. The Master Account can reboot a station or enter charger maintenance mode, all from the comfort of a single online account and from anywhere in the world. Noodoe EV OS allows site operators to assist users who need a hand operating the charging unit, by giving managers access to the mobile web console so they can assist customers with Noodoe’s Scan, Pay, Charge ecosystem.

Noodoe chargers and Noodoe EV OS guarantee low operation costs for site owners. Not only by automatically scanning all of the charging units through smart, integrated systems that will also trigger self-repair actions, but also by providing the tools needed to operate a large number of charging units across multiple sites. It’s all included within the simple, clean, and intuitive interface.

The Bottom Line

Management of many EV chargers across multiple sites doesn’t need to be difficult. It can be as easy as one master account in one robust, automated system: Noodoe EV OS.

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