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EV Charging at Retail Establishments

Last Updated: March 3rd, 2023 | Sustainable Business

Around the world, the electrification of transportation is creating opportunities for a range of businesses. EV chargers are desirable amenities, valuable incentives, and visible ways for businesses to show devotion to the environment. “Topping up” is no longer just the realm of old-fashioned filling stations. Restaurants, shopping malls, workplaces, and municipal buildings can all become places where drivers go to charge up while going about their daily lives. Retail establishments, especially, have a lot to gain from adding EV charging!

Where do people charge?

It’s not much of a secret anymore. EV drivers charge their cars everywhere! While home charging is still the biggest piece in the charging puzzle, EVs benefit from having access to more chargers.

Think of it like your cell phone. It charges up overnight and might last the whole day without a problem. However, nobody wants to worry about being left without a charge when it matters. So, you take advantage of the opportunity to add another 10% to your battery whenever it’s available. Touchless power pad? Yes, please! Charging cable at your desk? Definitely. Quick top-up in the car while picking up the kids from school? For sure.

The same holds true for charging up your EV. The AC charger at your local grocery store isn’t going to bring the battery up to full, but it sure provides peace of mind!

Dwell Time

Dwell time is the amount of time a person expects to remain at a location. For restaurants, this varies dramatically depending on the establishment. A fancy night out will typically produce a much longer dwell time than a quick pop-in for a burger or chicken wings. The same is true for a large shopping center versus a small boutique. But retail establishments of all kinds see revenue increases when customers stick around for a while, whether that means purchasing dessert or finally deciding to splurge on accessories for a new computer or tablet.

Retail EV charging also encourages longer dwell times because customers know their vehicles are charging up in the parking lot. In fact, 90% of EV drivers make purchases when they’re charging on site. They’re not just wandering around, waiting for the time to pass.

Incentivize Charging

How can you use EV chargers to attract and engage customers? Well, everyone loves a deal! Savvy businesses know this and have used it to their advantage for generations. But how do you incentivize EV charging? Coupons have a tried-and-true place in the retail market. That can anything from first-visit incentives to encouragement for customers to return at a future date. Noodoe EV OS has special add-on microservices that make constructing, providing, and managing charging incentives as easy as possible.

Meet Niko: Stay at Home Parent

Living in an apartment means that Niko doesn’t always have access to on-site, overnight EV charging. Sure, his building has chargers, but there aren’t enough to go around. He tops up any time he has the opportunity to do so. 

On Saturdays, The Urban Galleria shopping center posts a 20% off EV charging coupon code on their website. It’s only available from 9-11 AM to encourage weekend morning shopping. This Saturday it’s raining, so Niko’s taking his two kids to the mall for a snack and to walk around. There are two large retail centers in his arena, but he always chooses The Urban Galleria because it also gives him the chance to top up the car with a discount. Can’t beat that!

Meet Anna: Digital Nomad

Over the last year, Anna has shifted her work schedule to be entirely remote. However, she’s found that she gets a little stir-crazy when she’s inside her house for too long. That’s why she’s browsing the local coffee shops for a good place to take her laptop.

Anna lives just on the edge of the city (far enough out that she needs to drive), and there are a lot of coffee shops to choose from. She knows she needs one with parking, and a charger for her new EV would be a nice perk. After trying out a few, she stumbles upon Cafe Rejuvenate. It has a small parking lot with three EV charging stations and comfortable seating that offers outlets for her laptop. Best of all? The cafe has a rewards program that gives her the choice of a free drink or two free hours of EV charging! Looks like she’s found her new home-office-away-from-home!

Attract Guests, Encourage Loyalty

Both Niko and Anna can choose where to spend their time. The Urban Galleria and Cafe Rejuvenate use their EV chargers as incentives to entice customers to visit and come back. The EV charging stations also encourage customers to stick around these retail and hospitality centers a little longer, increasing the likelihood those customers will spend more money on site.

Noodoe EV chargers and Noodoe EV OS make all this achievable, and there are more benefits on offer. They create an ecosystem of reliable chargers managed by a single, effortless system. It couldn’t be easier!

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