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Everything You Need to Know About EVSE Repair and Replace Incentive Programs

Last Updated: January 25th, 2024 | Economy & Policy

Installing electric vehicle charging stations is like arriving at the summit after a hike. It was a journey over rocky terrain, but good company makes progress easier. At the top, you can see the beauty all around you. But your EV charging service might now be “going downhill.” Daily station management is just another responsibility, while underpowered hardware or outdated software leads to dissatisfaction from EV drivers. Understandably, your electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) can feel more trouble than reliable service. But from customer frustration comes EV charger incentive opportunities. Government funding for electric vehicle charging stations is available to repair or replace your unavailable chargers! 

What programs will pay to repair/replace EV chargers?

You already finished the uphill hike by installing public EV chargers where people need them. Bring your EV charging site back to life with programs like the National Electric Infrastructure Program (NEVI) and partnerships like Noodoe. Now, the Electric Vehicle Charger Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator Program (EVC-RAA) is open for applications! In October 2023, 62,021 locations and 159,215 ports are eligible for this EV charger incentive and funding. Our experts can help you through the application process and charge better than ever. 

Who can apply?

This EV charger incentive program is wide-reaching; applicants can include state departments of transportation and local governments from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. While government-owned properties are ideal for workplace charging or EV fleets, this funding is not limited to publicly available charging stations.
Suppose you are a business owner with private-access EV charging stations (e.g., an apartment building manager). In that case, coordinate with states and local authorities to repair your broken and non-operational chargers. With Noodoe’s help, the government department can work directly under EVC-RAA guidelines to ensure your site receives funding.

How much money can I get?

For EVC-RAA, the Department of Transportation will give away $100,000,000 to repair or replace non-operational EV chargers. As a successful EV charger incentive applicant, you could get up to 80 percent of the total project cost covered by Federal funds. Whether you repair your existing EV chargers or completely overhaul your EVSE network, your responsibility is to cover just 20 percent of the total project cost.

What can I buy with funding?

Whatever your site needs from an electric makeover is covered by project costs. Your Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations are eligible if they are currently “unavailable”.

Repair EV charger funding covers:

EVSE hardware and labor costs of repairing EV chargers and related equipment (e.g., connector, screen, cord, payment terminals). This can include upgrading hardware to ensure futureproof criteria of the EVC-RAA project (e.g., replacing a DC fast charging power module to provide at least 150kW per port).

Replace EV charger funding covers:

EVSE hardware, permitting, service upgrades, and labor costs to remove non-operational EV chargers from service. Once your site is ready, install new charging stations or related equipment (e.g., switchgear, utility distribution equipment, battery storage) necessary for reliable EVSE operation.

When are the key dates?

The application window has now closed. Once approved, your new EV charging site should be operational within twelve months of funding. According to project recommendations, work on repair or replace projects should start as soon as possible. Bringing this vital infrastructure online quickly benefits site owners, operators, and EV drivers. 
If you are interested in more incentive programs to accelerate the future of clean transportation, check out the Noodoe Resource Center. We’re constantly updating with new incentive programs, like NYSERDA Charge Ready 2.0 and state-specific Community Charging Rebate Programs. Sign up to receive localized updates and get charging smarter with Noodoe EV charging partnership perks.

What now?

Take advantage of this opportunity to get your EV charging service back up and running with government funding. Partnering with Noodoe takes the weight off your shoulders- like hiking without the heavy backpack. Our charging management software, Noodoe EV OS, ensures your chargers meet program reliability requirements with 98% operational uptime, automatic troubleshooting, and self-repair protocols. 

Click below to fill out the EVC-RAA contact form. You will receive a curated information packet with everything you need about the Electric Vehicle Charger Reliability and Accessibility Accelerator Program and how to successfully apply.


New York Awarded $13 Million

NYSDOT and NYSERDA will use the funding from the EVC-RAA program to update more than 10,000 publicly available stations. Click here to learn more!

Want a guided walkthrough of the application process with an expert? Leave your details and get an hands-on guide of the incentive requirements directly in your inbox.