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EV Charging for Apartments and Condos

Last Updated: December 23rd, 2022 | Sustainable Business

Many EV owners are also property owners who charge their electric vehicles at home. It’s easy, and it’s convenient. But what about the other EV drivers out there? As EVs become more mainstream, more and more renters are going electric. What are the best options for EV charging at their apartment or condo? Can they even charge at home? Does it make sense for multi-dwelling buildings to install EV charging stations? Let’s dive in to answer these questions and more!

Bottom Line Benefits

EV chargers are suitable for the bottom line; it’s true! First, EV charging stations attract and retain residents. As more people go electric, more apartment dwellers need at-home charging solutions. Many EV owners are willing to reject perfect apartments or condos based on that need not being met. Second, charging stations improve property values overall. State and local governments are consistently adding right-to-charge laws that require property owners to give residents access to charging solutions. The value of any property missing those necessary stations will surely drop. Finally, with the right charging management software, site managers can easily monetize stations to cover their initial costs and start turning a profit.

EV OS Solutions for Apartments and Condos

Noodoe EV OS is a cloud-based operating system integrated into every EV charger we sell. It runs the whole operation and offers various solutions tailored to specific business needs. Because of Noodoe EV OS, apartment charging stations can be easily set, managed, and monetized. For example, setting up efficient payment methods for apartment or condo EV chargers usage can be a hassle for any site without a user management system. Thankfully, Noodoe EV has two charger models that are perfect for multi-unit homes. Not only are they simple for everyone involved, but they also solve the problem some apartments have when there aren’t assigned parking spaces for the new EV chargers.

Virtual Prepaid Card Solution

These are similar to prepaid phone cards. The user purchases a certain dollar amount of charging to use as they like. This gives drivers the flexibility to charge at home or out and about; they only pay for their actual usage.

Once a charging station has been installed, Noodoe generates a number of unique codes and delivers them to the charging station manager. These can then be sold to residents with a manager-determined amount of credit loaded. What about the driver’s experience? It’s easy for them too. They just have to scan the code in the Noodoe App to bind the money to their account. That phone then becomes the driver’s prepaid charging card, used to charge up their vehicle until the card runs out of money, then buy another! Anyone with a charging code can charge, and the manager doesn’t have to track which account to charge an extra electrical fee to at the end of the month.

Postpaid Billing Membership Solution

When drivers would rather be billed after the fact, Noodoe also provides unique codes that create residential charging members. Membership is a Noodoe Microservices, which drivers then use to start their charging sessions. Apartment management tracks each membership monthly to see the EV charging stations’ total electrical usage.

Using the Noodoe EV OS management console, the building’s accounting department can download transaction records covering every charging session by the member. Each transaction record will list all the information needed for the management to personally process end-of-the-month billing.

Choosing a Charger

After deciding to install EV charging stations, there are two big questions to consider for multi-family properties.

What kind of charger do you want? 

To choose the charger best suited to the property, one needs to consider the available power capacity and the kilowattage.

How are you going to mount the charger?

Unless purchasing a freestanding charging station, every charger needs a mounting plan. 

What kind of EV charging station?

Most EV charging happens overnight when most residents can expect to plug in their vehicle and leave it to charge for hours on end. As long as it’s ready to go by breakfast time, everyone is happy. This is good news for apartment and condo managers; there is no need to install expensive DC charging units because AC stations are designed for this! Additionally they are smaller and cheaper to install, so you can commission more of them and stay under budget.

How will it be mounted?

This answer depends greatly on where the station will reside. Does the local architecture offer easy mounting solutions? EV charging stations can be placed against a wall inside an apartment’s parking garage or on rooftop parking. If those are unavailable, the station can be mounted on an interior pillar. If none of these are options, any mountable charger can also be installed on a pedestal. Chargers can either be solo or double-mounted on the Noodoe EV pedestal (which comes in standard and ADA-compliant heights).

Rebate-supported EV Charger installation

Finally, it’s beneficial for all residential managers to know that there may be rebates available to assist with the purchase and installation of EV charging stations. If you are based in the US, these rebates are available across the country, and Noodoe knows how to help! Reach out to us, and our EV charging specialists will help you take the best advantage of the opportunities in your area. If you are outside of the US, there may still be support programs for electric transportation.

The Bottom Line

EV charging infrastructure has become more than just a perk for many residences in the US and around the world. As governments throw themselves behind supporting widespread electrification, they’re soon going to become a requirement. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to set yourself out from the pack now while also getting ready for those new EV-driving residents who are sure to be coming your way?

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