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EV Charging for Improving Property Value and Appeal

Last Updated: March 15, 2024

As more people switch to electric vehicles, businesses want green property solutions to attract those environmentally conscious tenants. This has led to a growing demand for EV charging stations in condos and apartments in urban areas. Therefore, it is important to consider the best options for installing electric car charging stations in these types of properties. The question is, does it make sense to install electric car charging stations in condos and apartments? And what kind of EV charger do you need for your condo?

Bottom-line benefits

Apartment and condo EV chargers boost the bottom line for three reasons:

  1. EV charging stations attract and retain residents. Many EV owners will reject perfect apartments or condos based on unmet needs.
  2. Charging stations improve property values. State and local governments keep adding right-to-charge laws requiring access to charging solutions. Condos or apartments with charging solutions have a big leg up.
  3. Site managers can easily monetize stations with the right charging management software.

Software solutions for apartments and condos

Whenever we talk to managers interested in enabling electric vehicle charging in their condominiums, they want to know how to ensure drivers using the chargers will pay for the charging session. All electric car charging stations we sell for condos and apartments come with Noodoe EV OS. It runs everything and includes solutions for specific business needs. Because of Noodoe EV OS, apartment charging solutions can be easily set, managed, and monetized. For example, setting up efficient payment methods for condo or apartment EV charging station usage can be a hassle for any site without a user management system.

Prepaid usage

It’s easy for management! Sell tenants charging codes and let them charge at any time. They’ve already paid. What about the experience for drivers? It’s easy for them, too. They log the card in the charging app and charge until the prepaid amount runs out. Then, they bulk-pay again! Anyone with a charging code can charge, and the manager doesn’t have to track which account to charge an extra electrical fee to at the end of the month.

Postpaid billing

When drivers would rather charge first and pay later, apartment managers can use Noodoe EV OS to track monthly charger usage and see the total electrical usage of the EV charging station. Our easy dashboard lets the manager download transaction records covering each member’s charging sessions. Then, management can charge end-of-the-month billing.

Choosing an EV charger

When you’re ready to consider installing charging stations in your condo, there are two big questions to ask. For hardware, you need to know what kind of charger you want and where you will put it.

What kind of condo or apartment EV charger do you want? 

To choose the EV charger best suited to your condo or apartment building, consider the available power capacity and the kilowattage. Most EV charging happens overnight when most residents can expect to plug in their vehicle and leave it to charge for hours on end. Everyone is happy as long as it’s ready to go by breakfast time. This is good news for apartment and condo managers; inexpensive AC stations are perfect! They are smaller and cheaper to install, so you can commission more and stay under budget.

How will you mount the EV charging station at your apartment or condo?

Every charger needs a mounting plan unless you purchase a freestanding charging station. However, that plan depends greatly on where the station will be installed. Does the local architecture offer easy mounting solutions? EV charging stations can be mounted against a wall inside an apartment’s parking garage or on rooftop parking. If those are unavailable, the station can be mounted on an interior pillar. If none of these are options, any mountable charger can also be installed on a pedestal.

Rebate-supported EV Charger Installations

Finally, it’s beneficial for all residential managers to know that rebates may be available to assist with purchasing and installing EV charging stations. Contact us, and our EV charging specialists will help you take advantage of the opportunities in your area.

The Bottom Line

EV charging infrastructure is more than a perk for many residences nationwide. Install electric car charging stations for your condo and take advantage of the opportunity to differentiate your property, improve property values, and generate another source of income.

Video: EV Charging Basics

Installing and managing EV charging for apartments, condos, or multifamily properties doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Noodoe VP of Sales Jeff Rothe has over 6 years of experience helping property owners set up EV charging programs. In less than 5 minutes, he’ll walk you through the basics of EV charging and what you need to get up and running quicklyeasily, and cost-efficiently.

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