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Last Updated: December 11th, 2023 | Multifamily

Home is where the heart is – and where an electric vehicle driver is most likely to recharge. Residential property managers stay ahead of the curve by installing EV charging solutions for apartments and condos. Installing EV charging is a savvy business move that attracts and retains tenants, helps you achieve occupancy goals, and proves sustainable practices that your corporate team will care about when it comes time to complete Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to build a compelling business case for EV charging infrastructure at residential properties.

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    Recognize the Growing Demand 

    It’s a fact that more and more electric vehicles are hitting the road; 1 million new EVs were registered in the United States before the end of 2023. As car companies shift to sustainable transportation, there is a unique opportunity in multi-unit dwellings and shared residential properties. Property managers can tap into this rapidly growing market by adding network-connected EV charging stations to their parking lots. This anticipates future renters’ needs while servicing current tenants who have already asked for apartment or condo EV charging solutions. The next question is how to charge tenants for EV charging services and how to make the most from the new investment.

    Streamline with Software Automation

    Installing network-connected EV chargers is designed to streamline responsibilities. Leverage automated software to simplify operations and minimize the daily workload for management and on-site teams. With the right software solution, EV charging stations at apartments or condos can be managed remotely, reducing the need for on-site oversight. Settings like pricing, public or private availability, and designated receiving bank account are decided one time. After that, the software automatically takes care of the networked stations.

    Enhance the Tenant Experience

    This automated EV charging experience offers unparalleled convenience for tenants. User-friendly interfaces allow them to schedule, monitor, and pay for charging sessions. A seamless and reliable amenity experience adds significant value to your living community. Noodoe EV OS offers a 98% uptime guarantee, meaning your tenants only miss out on charging sessions if another tenant parks first. 

    Support Your Apartment or Condo Team with Hands-Off EV Charging Operations

    On-site teams face numerous responsibilities with fixed resources. However, automating EV charging means your people can focus on important tasks without the need for constant watching the charging stations. Smart management software handles everything from maintenance alerts to payment processing, freeing time, energy, and resources.

    Get Real-Time Insights on Your EV Charging Solutions

    EV charging management software updates the status of your EV chargers by the minute. With Noodoe EV OS, property managers can access charging session summaries, energy use, and station health information. Informed decision-making and proactive maintenance options are on a single digital dashboard. For example, select settings to charge tenants for EV charging according to energy use and include additional costs in monthly utility bills.

    Benefit from Cost-Efficiency and Scalability

    After investing in software-connected EV charging stations come long-term cost savings and scalability options. Automated operations reduce labor costs, and condo-specific EV charging software solutions allow for seamless expansion as demand grows. Incentives and rebates can balance installation costs – reach out to the Noodoe team today and we will help you find the perfect funding program.

    Show Your Commitment to Sustainability

    EV charging is not just about having efficient operations. It’s also a visible way to commit to building a more sustainable community. Potential renters increasingly value environmentally conscious living, and showing that your property is a leader in sustainable practices can attract their interest.

    Futureproof Your Community

    Technology is changing rapidly across all sectors. Invest in smart apartment electric vehicle charging solutions today before they become required tomorrow. As the EV world grows and changes, having adaptable and advanced charging solutions ensures your community remains ahead of the curve.

    Smart, networked EV charging is not just a modern luxury; it’s a strategic investment that streamlines operations, improves tenant satisfaction, and shows your commitment to sustainable living. By embracing automation, property managers can create a hands-off, efficient, and forward-thinking EV charging experience that sets their living communities apart.
    Make the smart choice for your community’s future—empower your property with smart and reliable EV charging!