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Funding for Florida Properties

Find an incentive program near you to get installation rebates or special electricity rates for EV charging sessions.

Florida's EV Future

Future Florida will look very different from today; more and more people are swapping to electric-powered vehicles and need more charging opportunities.

There are several incentives and rebates available, from business enhancements to non-profits and multi-family properties.

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Incentive Programs Like...

Combined Noodoe Solution

Noodoe has a wide range of AC power EV charging stations to help Floridians find the best port to suit their needs. For overnight charging to afternoon top-ups, an AC charger provides the best and most reliable charging experience. The costs are also covered with those funding programs!

In combination with the innovative Noodoe EV OS, a cloud-based management software, property owners can customize access privileges, set prepaid or postpaid pricing, and access session electricity use from a single dashboard.

Why Partner With Noodoe?

Noodoe has the know-how to help you apply for Florida EV charging incentives and reward programs. Reach out now!