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The Best Place to Charge is at Home

Upgrade Your Apartment or Condo with Noodoe’s EV charging management system and infrastructure.

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Attract And Retain EV-Driving Residents

A study by J.D. Power shows that 88% of EV owners usually charge at home. This is an opportunity for managers of multi-unit dwellings. EV charging attracts and retains valuable, EV-driving residents. Also, EV charging is a great source of increased revenue for multi-unit dwellings.

Boost your number of EV drivers
Easy control over energy management
Enjoy automated charger management
Monetize your investment.
Effortlessly manage tenant access
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Hands-off Management with Ease

Noodoe EV OS is one of the most advanced EV charging station operating systems today. This powerful, cloud-based software is intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, its diagnostic and self-recovery features minimize the need for expensive upgrades or labor. Discover the best residential EV charger management solutions that cater to your residents’ unique needs and elevate your property’s appeal.

EV Charging: Convenience for Everyone

Elevate the EV-driving experience of your residents with Noodoe EV OS add-on Microservices, providing top-tier solutions that transform them into valued VIPs. Our EV charging management system ensures simplicity and user-friendliness, allowing seamless electric vehicle charging experiences for everyone in your multi-unit dwelling, be it an apartment or condo. 

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Noodoe EV OS Subscription System

Highlights Add-on Microservices

User Management

Offer charging exclusively to residents or to open it to EV drivers in the local area.

Prepaid Card

Allows residents to pay their usage at the end of each month or store value for charging when needed.

Voucher Code

Tenants can purchase Voucher Codes to give charging access to friends and family when they visit.

Smart Energy Management

Install more EV chargers without costly upgrades to your multi-unit building.

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Public/Private Charging: You Choose


Charging is just for your tenants. EV chargers are always available for members.


Offer different rates for member and non-member charging. Define public charging times via Noodoe EV OS dashboard.