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Noodoe’s electric vehicle charging platform is eligible for Charge Ahead funding to help improve air quality, reduce transportation emissions, and supports the increasing number of EV across Colorado.

Business parking lot with dual ac charging stations installed.

Start Charging Colorado's Electric Vehicles

The Charge Ahead program has helped install more than 2,000 EV charging stations across the state since 2013. The first application round of this year is open now – install Level 2 or DCFC stations and receive up to $250,000 per project!


Apply with Noodoe for the comprehensive charging solution of EV charging stations and the smart management software that keeps them operating autonomously!


Eligible sites for Charge Ahead funding include:

Guide: CALeVIP Golden State Priority Project

This quick overview of the program and what it takes to be eligible will get you ready!

  • Program Overview: What’s included and what does it cover?
  • Eligible locations and site requirements
  • Station eligibility, get to know the DC stations that will electrify your site.

Reliable, Hands-off EV Charging Operation

If you are ready to own and operate EV charging equipment then you are eligible to apply for up to 90% of costs covered with Charge Ahead funding. 

Operating your EV charging service can be easy with the innovative Noodoe EV OS. Install the cloud-based management software to customize access privileges and decide pricing schedules, then the software takes over the daily management responsibilities. 

Convinced yet? Connect with an incentive expert to help complete your application and get funding to get Colorado charging ahead!

Level 2 AC Stations

DCFC Stations

Why Partner With Noodoe?

Intelligent Charging Management

Our cloud-based charging management platform provides valuable insights into charging usage, energy consumption, and user behavior. This data empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance the overall customer experience. 

Decide the Price

Whether installing at a single property or setting up a charging network - you decide how much to charge. Reflect high-demand hours with peak-hour pricing while rewarding users who charge overnight with lower prices. The chargers automatically update the rates.

98% Service Uptime

With real-time automatic monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery, powered by Noodoe stations achieve one of the highest up times in the industry. Ensure users can charge up and continue on their EV journeys with the revolutionary Scan, Pay, Charge experience.

Powerful Add-On Microservices

Tailoring your charging stations to meet your needs is easy with Noodoe EV OS. Control station access with membership, offer discounts or rewards via access and voucher codes, and keep your power usage efficient with dynamic load management.

Get in touch today - the application window closes Friday, February 16!