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"Powered by Noodoe" EV Charging Solutions Partnership Program: Globalization

"Powered by Noodoe" Partnership Program Goes Global, Empowering EV Charging Service Providers Around the World

EV charging solutions leader Noodoe expands access to its “Powered by Noodoe” technology partnership program, powering up EV charging networks worldwide with revolutionary EV charging solutions.

Irvine, California | APRIL 25, 2023


orld leading EV charging solutions provider, Noodoe, today announced the globalization of its “Powered by Noodoe” technology partnership program, which provides EV Charging Service Providers (CSPs) with the mission-critical software (Noodoe EV OS) and hardware (Noodoe EV charging stations) needed to accelerate the development of global EV charging infrastructure. This initiative was announced by Noodoe CEO Jennifer Chang: “While Noodoe forged its first partnership here in California, we all know that the transition to electrified transportation is happening around the globe. We’re proud to enable partners worldwide to support their local markets in shifting to zero-emission transportation, one charging station at a time.”

The “Powered by Noodoe” partnership program equips businesses with the most user-centric technologies needed to provide EV charging services to markets worldwide. At the core of the program is Noodoe EV OS, a cutting-edge cloud operating system that streamlines the EV charging experience. “The monitoring and controlling of all charging sites are autonomous and effortless with Noodoe EV OS,” says Eliad Shitrit, CEO of SERmobility in Israel. Noodoe EV OS runs all operations of the EV charging network, autonomously providing 24/7 charging service delivery, payment processing, and charger management. Charging stations managed by Noodoe EV OS benefit from real-time automatic monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery, achieving one of the highest up times in the industry. All this provides businesses with a comprehensive source for network management and analysis, thereby streamlining the business of being a Charging Service Provider. According to Ka Leong Toong, Manager at KED Energy Solutions in Singapore, “Noodoe EV OS offers a range of features such as customizable user interface, payment processing, and real-time data analytics to help KED manage the EV charging infrastructure more efficiently.” This operating efficiency means that partners “Powered by Noodoe” have the time to focus on their core businesses, expanding EV charging infrastructure around the globe and creating new electrified realities for their local markets.

Across North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, Noodoe collaborates with partners on profound EV charging projects, making the future of sustainable transportation a reality today. In the United States, Noodoe allies with partners from the Pacific to the Atlantic, increasing access to EV charging for drivers from the West Coast Electric Highway to the Carolina coast. In Canada, Noodoe and ChargerQuest are blazing through the provinces, creating charging hubs to power drivers across the Great White North. Christopher Misch, the CEO of ChargerQuest, says, “In collaboration with Noodoe, ChargerQuest offers our customers the most reliable, high-quality charging experience. We feel that Noodoe’s flexibility and the ability to address some of the challenges within the EV infrastructure is remarkable.” In Thailand, ESPRO has developed “Powered by Noodoe” EV charging oases at luxury hotels catering to weary travelers desiring both elegance and sustainability. And in South Australia, the flexibility of Noodoe EV OS shines in its integration with partner Evansa’s decarbonizing platform to make possible the region’s first-ever carbon credit-generating EV charging station. “Noodoe’s flexibility, persistence, speed of delivery, and full suite of services made it easy for us to start the process, and the ongoing support has been magnificent,” exclaims James Eveland, Evansa Executive Director and Co-Founder.

The globalization of the “Powered by Noodoe” technology partnership brings a wealth of resources to potential Charging Service Providers worldwide. Speaking about the benefits of partnering with Noodoe, Eliad Shitrit, CEO of SERmobility said, “Noodoe for us is a one-stop shop where we get both hardware and software from the same source and do not have to split suppliers. In addition, we get hermetic technical support for all process steps, as well as excellent delivery times and product availability.” With a devoted team of EV charging experts and the most flexible EV charging station management platform on the market, Noodoe gets Charging Service Providers around the world up and running faster and more efficiently, empowering the next generation of EV charging networks.


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