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"Powered by Noodoe" EV Charging Solutions Partnership Program: Evansa

"Powered by Noodoe" Partnership: Evansa and Noodoe Launch First-Ever Carbon Credit Generating DC Charger in the Land Down Under

New “Powered by Noodoe” 75 kW DC fast charger installation in South Australia serves as the region’s premier carbon credit-generating EV charger, marking the beginning of a pioneering phase in carbon footprint reduction.

Sydney, Australia | MARCH 25, 2023


vansa, decarbonizing solutions and charging service provider, and Noodoe, leading provider of advanced EV charging solutions, today announced the installation of Australia’s first carbon credit generating DC fast EV charging station in South Australia at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic. The announcement was made by Noodoe Country Manager for Australia, Sam Moran. Thanks to the “Powered by Noodoe” technology partnership, Evansa can integrate its unique decarbonizing platform with Noodoe EV OS to calculate the net carbon offset from the usage of the new charger. “Our innovative ‘Powered by Noodoe’ program is being deployed worldwide with great success, allowing companies to reassess what’s possible when developing or scaling their businesses with the right partner,” says Moran. Adds Evansa executive director and co-founder James Eveland, “We knew when we saw the approach that we’d found the people we wanted to work with.”

The inherent versatility of Noodoe and its charging solutions was able to bridge the gap between Evansa’s haves and needs where competitors had fallen short. “We needed a company,” said Eveland, “who could be flexible, understand the unique needs of our small business, yet see the potential in our global vision. In addition, we had a particular set of criteria that a software provider would need to meet to maximize our potential as a Charge Point Operator and carbon credit generator.”

Noodoe EV OS is the most flexible EV charging station operating system on the market. Without any human intervention, Noodoe EV OS autonomously runs all operations of the EV charging network, including 24/7 charging service delivery, payment processing, and charger management. Due to real-time automatic monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery, Noodoe EV charging stations deliver one of the highest up times in the industry. “Noodoe’s flexibility, persistence, speed of delivery, and full suite of services made it easy for us to start the process, and the ongoing support has been magnificent,” states Eveland.

Supported by mature relationships developed with EV charge point operators, stakeholders in the voluntary and compliance carbon markets, and Verra, the world’s leading non-profit carbon offset certifying organization, the Noodoe and Evansa partnership is electrifying a business-centric, streamlined path to concurrently manage EV charging stations while taking advantage of the environmental and financial benefits accrued from carbon credit generation.


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