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PR - Noodoe reveals more about electric vehicle chargers in Pomona

Noodoe reveals more about electric vehicle chargers in Pomona

Electric vehicles are becoming more common in California, though experts say there’s one big hurdle for would-be buyers to overcome before they jump on the zero-emissions craze.


ccording to, there are an estimated 22,000 public charging stations, compared to about 168,000 gas stations, in the United States and Canada. With so few charging stations, many are predicting slow growth for the industry.

However, Taiwanese electric vehicle company Noodoe is hoping to change that. They’ve taken Asia by storm, and on Tuesday they announced expansion into Southern California.

“Outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown outlined an ambitious plan earlier this year to put five million zero-emission cars on our roads by 2030,” Noodoe spokesman Bob Huff said. “We can only meet this ambitious goal by dramatically increasing the number of charging stations that this new fleet of electric vehicles will need.”

According to Noodoe Sales Manager William Wong, hotels, cafes and shopping malls will all be targeted for Noodoe’s electric vehicle charging stations. Wong said that’s because they are places where drivers can hang out for one or two hours at a time, about as long as it takes to charge an electric vehicle with Noodoe’s stations.

Stations can charge as little as 20 cents per kilowatt, with most batteries charging about seven kilowatts per hour.

That’s cheaper than a tank of gas, but Wong said it’s going to take some time before stations become truly ubiquitous.

“We’re still fairly new to the US, so we’re planting seeds,” Wong said. “It’s really blowing up in popularity, [so] we should think further ahead.”


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