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PR - Future of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Arrives - Noodoe

Future of electric vehicles charging stations arrives

Innovative Concept Turns Parking Lots into Charging Stations



n innovative concept to create many more charging stations for current and future electric vehicle (EV) use has arrived in Southern California, and may be coming to a parking lot near you. Southern California’s own Noodoe gave a preview of that future today with the introduction of the Noodoe EV S1000 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Pomona Hotel. The new charging station is part of a new and ambitious effort to transform parking lots and parking locations into revenue generators for business owners.

“At Noodoe, we are on a mission to make the world greener by accelerating the world’s transition to electric transportation,” said John Wang, Chairman of Noodoe. “We do this with well-designed EV charging infrastructure solutions that will serve busy families and professionals.”

A departure from the traditional charging stations, the Noodoe EV S1000 offers a rich set of innovative user features that are optimized for hotels, shopping plazas, shopping malls, and businesses to generate more revenue by transforming their parking structures into convenient, easy to use refueling locations for our growing number of electric vehicles.

The engineers of Noodoe’s charging stations, with a background in smartphone and app technology, have simplified their user interface to create a charging experience for customers and parking lot owners that will serve them well in the present, and be easily modified as needed in the future. This is a new and needed approach to a changing business model involving charging stations for EVs,” said Noodoe CEO Jennifer Chang. “The business model, or concept, of a ‘stand alone’ charging station isn’t working for some areas, as evidenced by some that have gone bankrupt.”

The new and novel concept offered by Noodoe follows a study released earlier this year by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which predicted that “with EV prices declining and ranges expanding, (the lack of) charging (stations) could soon become the top barrier (to EV ownership).”

“One distinct advantage of Noodoe EV is its automatic registration with websites, maps, directories, apps, navigation systems, and more,” said Wang. “Noodoe EV offers universal at-the-pump payment that supports credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. With Noodoe EV, hotels like the DoubleTree by Hilton Pomona Hotel become recharging sanctuaries that attract busy professionals and families.”

The McKinsey & Company study found that more than 350 new, feature-laden EV models are set to debut by 2025, and as many as 120 million EVs could be on the road by 2030 in China, the European Union, and the United States. These new vehicles will require a dramatic increase in the number of charging stations.

“Outgoing Governor Jerry Brown outlined an ambitious plan earlier this year to put five million zero-emission cars on our roads by 2030,” said Bob Huff, CEO of Huff Strategies and former CA Senate Minority Leader. “We can only meet this ambitious goal by dramatically increasing the number of charging stations that this new fleet of electric vehicles will need. The new technology and approach revealed at today’s demonstration will help meet that goal.”

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