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The world of EV charging has ultimately evolved to encompass chargers fully connected to the internet. These chargers are known as third-generation chargers, and even when they provide the same core service of charging your EV, they are miles away from the chargers of the past. Third-generation chargers have unique characteristics that set them apart from the other generations. They are fully connected to the network, meaning that their able to provide far more functionality but also that they require an internet connection. There are several ways to provide an internet connection to your site. Let's explore the connection methods thoroughly and how you can leverage them to create the optimal installation. Ethernet Connection An ethernet connection is a physical way of provisioning your site with internet connectivity. This method entails RJ45 cables, or in layman's terms ethernet cables.  An ethernet connection is the most secure way to provide internet connectivity, and it's fairly

Monetizing chargers is an important issue that we hear about from many customers. How do I charge drivers for powering up? Do I have control over the pricing at my charging stations? What choices are there for measuring that price? Are there ways to incentivize charging at my location? Is changing the pricing for my chargers easy?  These are important questions for any business owner, especially one who’s investing in a new piece of their business. Thankfully, the answers are simple and straightforward. Let’s dive in and take a look at the different ways of charging for use at any charging station running Noodoe EV OS. What do I measure for pricing? The heart of any Noodoe charging station is its operating system. As with a computer, the hardware components are only as powerful as the software running them. With that software, there are a few ways to set and charge end-users for

Electrical upgrades are complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. But how else are you going to install all the charging stations you need to meet the growing demand? Many companies offer hardware-based solutions that can divide electrical capacity across numerous charging stations. But not Noodoe. We have something better, more flexible, and future-proof because it can evolve with future charging needs. Activate the Noodoe EV OS Load Management (available through the Noodoe Microservices Library), and experience a smooth, software-based answer to power management.  What is the Noodoe Microservices Libary? Noodoe’s management platform, Noodoe EV OS, can seamlessly integrate apps from the Noodoe Microservices Library. Access to the library can be added to any Noodoe EV OS subscription and give the host access to a broad range of powerful, flexible solutions that optimize EV charger management. Noodoe’s Load Management optimizes energy usage through the smart allocation of power based on the state of charge of