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Creating a Reliable, Publicly-Available DC Fast Charging Network


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


Electric Vehicle Charging Network


Seeking a long-term partner to support expansion while ensuring 95% uptime and robust customer service.


Noodoe DC fast-charging stations and 24/7 engineer support

ChargerQuest is a Charge Point Operator (CPO) poised to become Canada's leading electric vehicle charging network. As of March 2023, ChargerQuest owns and operates smart electric vehicle charging stations across eight provinces in Canada. They are established in reputation and familiar with EV charging infrastructure.

Background: Finding The Right Partner

ChargerQuest had a new property with space to install powerful DC charging stations. Harvey Avenue is the ideal location for a charging hub: just off Highway 97, surrounded by small businesses, and with an entrance to Orchard Park, Okanagan Valley’s largest and most popular shopping center. Founder and CEO of Charger Quest, Christopher Misch, wanted to make the most of such a site by setting up the largest public EV charging hub in the city and making it available 24/7. Their experience in installations across Canada refined their search for the perfect partner. Trustworthiness was paramount, followed by access to the latest research in EV support infrastructure and the ability to scale up technology with futureproof designs.

Noodoe's Answer

The combination of “Powered by Noodoe” ChargerQuest OS software and DC Exceed hardware launches the DC fast EV charging hub with six 120kW DC Exceed charging stations. This “Powered by Noodoe” expansion is just the beginning of the partnership’s plan for dominance in the Canadian EV charging market. During the quest for a partner, Noodoe outperformed other vendors with their smart EV charger management software and dynamic integration with ChargerQuest’s needs. As a result, with a complete white-label product, ChargerQuest received the hardware and software package to ensure peak performance and achieve their goals.

The core technology from Noodoe provides many solutions:

Misch experienced it for himself; saying:

“In collaboration with Noodoe, ChargerQuest offers the most reliable, high-quality charging experience for our customers. We feel that [Noodoe’s] flexibility and the ability to address some of the challenges within the EV infrastructure is remarkable.”

The Noodoe solution proved to be ahead of the rest in five key areas

Innovative Hardware

Integration of AirMiles

Customer Support

Uptime Reliability

Future Deployment

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