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A Nationwide EV Charging Network
Starts at the Dealership Lot




Automotive Dealership


Providing memberships for Audi EV customers with network benefits under a cohesive branded experience.


An Audi experience with flexible membership options, accessible charging sites, and loyal customers.

This automaker’s commitment to shaping a sustainable future and transforming the driving experience for future roads takes dedication and want. Audi is driving toward a greener tomorrow, harnessing advanced electric and hybrid technologies in their wide electric vehicle model range. With a 100+ year legacy in vehicle engineering and a reputation built upon innovation, the Audi e-tron series is only the beginning of electric-powered customer satisfaction.

Background: An Immediate Start for Electric Vehicle Charging

Developing and selling electric-powered vehicles with cutting-edge technology was only the beginning. Audi Taiwan wants to provide more support to their EV-driving customers after they drive off the lot. EV drivers want fast power and reliability as they recharge, requiring

Noodoe's Answer

Noodoe’s experience in technological innovation coupled with compatibility testing offered a head start. Flexibility for unique user situations is vital at this stage of EV infrastructure availability. The combination of the automaker and EV charging solutions provider succeeded in the pursuit of the best customer experience. Thanks to pioneers like Audi and Noodoe, this EV charging network maintains high standards of reliable uptime, user-friendly solutions, and further growth.

Electric Vehicle Charging Opportunities Across the Island

Audi Taiwan is ready for the future of personal vehicle transportation through electrification.

“The Audi e-tron will become the de-facto standard for EV charging network development worldwide.”

The partnership between Audi Taiwan and Noodoe developed to provide customers with the best charging situation that suits their unique needs, including;

Audi Branded EV Chargers

Access Charging Plan

Audi + Noodoe Network

Home Charging Plan

Membership Cards

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