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Roaming for EV Charging Networks

Last Updated: November 15th, 2023 | E-mobility

Accessibility is the name of the EV charging game. Electric-powered vehicles hit new sales records every month, but EV charging infrastructure standards are stuck in old-fashioned ways. That’s why EV roaming networks (AKA eRoaming) revolutionize the growing electrification movement.

What is Roaming?

Roaming is similar to using your phone while traveling. Your phone connects to a new local network, but it’s no problem because you have a roaming plan with your provider. You get messages, access the internet, and continue business as usual. With this roaming agreement, you’re more connected. Imagine your phone is an electric vehicle, and the network is EV charging stations. You’re probably okay with your usual network or subscription, but outside your routine can result in range anxiety or frustration toward EV charger accessibility.

How Does Roaming Work?

The core technology that makes eRoaming possible is thanks to freely available EV charging roaming standards. Globally recognized systems are Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI). The technology supports the connection between charging service providers and offers consumers open access to location and price information. The Open Charge Alliances develops OCPP and Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP)communication protocols. You can learn more about the technical functionalities here.

Current State of EV Charging Networks

EV charge point operators (CPOs) and larger branded networks decide their rates. This includes billing by the total time of the session or the amount of electricity used. Wide-reaching networks offer membership perks, such as exclusive access to charging stations. However, exclusivity isn’t going to encourage new drivers to make the electric swap.

With roaming agreements, EV drivers can use any charging station whether they have a subscription to that particular network or not. Drivers find an available EV charger to park, plug in, and pay as usual. A behind-the-scenes collaboration between roaming partners results in a smooth user experience and a deep dedication to accessible EV charging opportunities.

Benefits of Roaming Agreements

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The Future of Roaming for EV Charging Networks

Early collaborative efforts enable better-planned charging networks to meet demand and avoid resource waste. The Federal Highway Administration works to establish nationwide rules regarding Charging-Network-to-Charging Network communications to enable roaming. Anticipating the needs of EV charging infrastructure is a core part of the Noodoe mission. To put the best charging experience in every parking lot, we consider what all our customers want. OCPP compliance is just the beginning for our partners. From reliable and intuitive user experience to smart management software, Noodoe’s combined EV charging solution is futureproof.

The Bottom Line

As electric vehicles grow in popularity in private use and public transportation, reliable charging infrastructure must match consumer needs. With EV roaming networks, customers and charging service providers benefit from more options and accessible charging. Stay informed with Noodoe, work with us as your EV software management system, and stay futureproof.

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