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Never miss a beat with EV Radar, always on the same wavelength as the latest developments. All the current news and trends in the electric vehicle world right in your inbox.  It’s a carefully curated rundown of the stories that have recently stood out in the EV world, just for you.

Finding the time to stay up to date is difficult. Noodoe wants to help you stay focused and efficient by doing that research for you. Lean on us to keep you informed.

EV Radar is the easiest way to keep up to date with what’s happening in the EV industry. Let us do the research. Subscribe to EV Radar and this is what you’ll get:
  • Summary of the most important EV news of the week
  • Links to EV education to keep you knowledgable
  • Highlights of the latest EV models hitting the roads
  • Innovation and investment updates from around the industry
  • Something cool, fun, or inspiring

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