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Level 3 DC Chargers

Noodoe DC Series

Experience the pinnacle of electric vehicle charging speed and innovation with Noodoe's DC Series. Our Level 3 chargers represent the cutting edge of DC charging technology, offering unparalleled power and performance. Thanks to our technological breakthroughs, our DC Level 3 chargers outstrip the competition, providing 20% faster charging times at the same price point, delivering unbeatable value for money.


Because of their unique modular internal architecture, the Exceed Series DC chargers are upgradeable. The 120 kW model can be modded to 150 kW or further to 180 kW.

Two Chargers

Exceed DC chargers are two chargers for the price of one as they support true simultaneous charging. Plug two vehicles in and watch them charge at the same time.

950 Volts

Unlike other charging hardware, Exceed DC fast chargers offer up to 950 volts of charging capacity. Drivers of modern cars will appreciate this powerful and futureproof charging.

DC Charging Solutions

Our level 3 DC commercial EV chargers provide speedy charging for electric vehicles, making them a perfect fit for motorway rest stops, short-term car parks, shopping centres, and other strategic traffic flow locations. They are also an ideal choice for logistics companies who are transitioning to eco-friendly fleets.

Custom Solutions

Establish your market position with an all-encompassing EV charging ecosystem that integrates your own unique branding. Strengthen your brand presence with ease and delight your customers with a seamless charging experience. Noodoe streamlines the process for a broad range of public and private enterprises to manage their EV charging services and take full control.

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