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Supercharge Your EV

Chargers for Dealerships

Become the Ultimate Dealership

The General Motors Ultium 360 Charge program is growing from coast to coast. No dealership should find itself without EV charging stations. As gas-powered vehicle sunset dates are getting closer and closer, car dealerships must plan for the electric future. It’s best to do that with a partner who already knows your business needs.

Sign up for this exclusive webinar all about dealership installations. Our experts will guide you through the basics of electric vehicle charging equipment, how to automate their management, and the special benefits to offer customers. Sign up and secure your place as a certified network provider for GM’s charging infrastructure initiative.

During the webinar, we will explore:

Drive sales of electric vehicles with easy access to a charging port.
Explore the charging stations and learn about the best type for your dealership.
Learn how to automate your charging network for reliable and efficient services.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the GM Ulitum program and gain the knowledge you need to propel your EV charging infrastructure project forward. Join us for this webinar and empower yourself with insights and strategies that will set you up for success.

About Noodoe

Noodoe is on a mission to empower businesses worldwide to transition to electric mobility. We create the best EV charging user experience for our partners and customers. We equip new and expanding EV charging solution providers (CSPs), fleet operators, site hosts, and local charging network providers with world-class software technology and next-generation charging infrastructure through Noodoe EV OS and Noodoe EV charging stations. We develop customized solutions that help businesses leapfrog their competition.

Meet Our Speakers

Cindy Hernandez

Senior Marketing at Noodoe

Cindy is an experienced marketer and an integral part of Noodoe University, where she leads partner training and webinars. Her expertise in the EV charging industry and passion for sustainable solutions make her an excellent resource for anyone looking to electrify their business. 

Alex Sibila

Sales Engineer at Noodoe

As a Sales Engineer at Noodoe, Alex uses his expertise every day to help clients make the smart choice when it comes to EV infrastructure and management software. He is a passionate EV Enthusiast and a proud Tesla driver. Alex enjoys sharing his thoughts on the latest trends and technologies in the EV space with the community.


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