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EV Radar consists of top EV news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed.

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Tesla’s Model Y is officially the most popular vehicle (not EV) in Germany for September 2022. That’s a pretty impressive thing for a country that usually opts for VWs rather than international brands. Also, it’s quite the crown for an electric vehicle to wear!

EV Charging Station

Global fully EV sales now tops 13% of international vehicle sales. With investments be governments across the globe focusing on building infrastructure, it’s pretty clear there’s no going back.

EV Education

A whole range of reasons sits behind the drive toward electrification. Some are more obvious than others, including finances and access to infrastructure. Take a look at who’s buying and why.

Emissionless Education

While not strictly educational, this grant will promote the education of American children. The EPA has directed almost $1B to schools across the US for the adoption of electrified bus fleets.

EVs: A Port in the Storm

InsiveEVs thinks through the benefits and drawbacks of owning an EV instead of a gas-powered vehicle during a hurricane like the one that just struck Florida. Which would be the better vehicle to have?

E-Mobility Development is Expanding

Fresh graduates and students of technical universities are joining the e-mobility world in an effort to decarbonize transportation. Impact Hub Accra organized a Design Sprint under the motto "Charge 2022" to work on practical and implementable electric mobility ideas.

New EV Announcements

Temporarily Afloat

Canoo seems to be hanging on for now. However, if the company can't turn its sales pipeline into capital, it's going to have a hard time making those ends meet. For now, a large order by Zeeba for vehicles has the company afloat.

The Silent Semi

Take a look at the Tesla semi in video caught and posted on Twitter. This truck is smooth, quick, and quiet. Imagine what trucking would be like if all long-haul rigs were electric.

Speed bump for Rivian as the company recalls a large number of its produced vehicles. While the specific issue has only been seen in a handful of vehicles, the company is recalling over 12,000 R1Ts and R1Ss in order to make sure it’s fully contained.

A Cool New EV

Bollinger Motors and Wabash are in the process of developing an electric last-mile refrigerated truck. Every step forward in fleet electrification is one more step toward cleaner air and healthier workers.

EV Investments and Innovation

In about 3 years you will be able to find a public charging station every 60km along the main EU roads. Governments are showing substantial support and encouraging the deployment of charging infrastructure.

Hotel Hyundai

Hyundai has doubled down on its vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology in the Hyundai Ioniq 5. For a short-term marketing stunt, Hyundai is running a hotel powered entirely by EVs. All power is transmitted from the vehicles to the hotel, including rooms and even a movie theater.

Ready to Roll

Arrival's finally produced a vehicle through its "microfactory." The UK-based startup is yet another that's trying to play catch up with legacy automakers, which have decades of capital at their disposal for electrification.

Electric Airport Bus Fleet

The transportation revolution will take a huge step forward as fleets of any service goes electric. Common transportation vehicles going electric will speed up EV adoption for the general public.

EV Coolness

Waymo Coming to LA

Waymo, the company running driverless ridehailing taxis in Arizona, is heading to LA. Their looking to see how their taxis might handle that city's more complex transportation environment.

Electrified Construction

Komatsu is digging deep into the world of electrified vehicles. The company recently presented an electric hydraulic excavator, showing just what an EV can be.

The XPeng X2 is the next step toward making science fiction into science fact. It has just made its virst demonstration flights as a true flying car. The setup looks similar to a large drone.

Micro Electric

Renault has finally updated their Twizy micro EV, an open-air quadricycle meant for urban mobility. The update retains the small footprint, and the light version doesn't require a license to drive in certain countries. With its squared-off 90's aesthetic, it's going to be a love-it or leave-it kind of vehicle.

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