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Noodoe blog - Noodoe 2022 retrospective

Noodoe in 2022: A Retrospective

December, 23th, 2022 | E-Mobility

As the 2022 chapter closes, it is a time of reflection and opportunity to redefine our goals for the next twelve months. First, thanks to all our partners, installers, users, employees, and readers. With you, Noodoe continues our journey to support easy EV charging worldwide.

From hotels to apartment blocks, office parks to shopping malls, school bus fleets to family hatchbacks, our hardware and software are there to provide drivers with accessible charging. Noodoe installed thousands of new ports this year, with a 102% increase in AC chargers and 89% more DC chargers. Our CSPs and Licensed Resellers expanded to 341 sites across 13 countries. As a result, Noodoe customers had consistent and reliable access across more than half a million minutes of charging time.

2022 has been the best year at Noodoe yet. Our four offices worldwide have achieved even better communication between customers and support services. Charging experts are available now for you to contact and discuss the EV charging solutions that best suit you and your business.
EV Chargers in New Zealand- Noodoe ev charging partnership - noodoe ev os charging solution

Kia Ora New Zealand

One year after opening Noodoe Australia offices, Noodoe has leaped across the ditch to install our first kiwi charger! The Christchurch EV Power Office in the South Island will hopefully be the first of many for a nation committed to renewable energy.

EV Chargers in Qatar

The beginning of Noodoe’s presence in Qatar is in partnership with Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions, located just down the road from Doha International Airport. The capital city is bustling with energy, and green transportation is available to support it.
EV Chargers in Qatar - Noodoe ev charging partnership - noodoe ev os charging solution

The Bottom Line

In 2023 Noodoe will bring even more energy to the dream of electrifying worldwide transportation. Join us!

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  • Noodoe will be launching a brand-new website this year! Be sure to check back for fresh graphics, sleek designs, and straightforward navigation tools for everything Noodoe has to offer.  

See you all there!


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