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High-Powered AC Charging

Last Updated: March 2nd, 2023 | Infrastructure

New generation electrified vehicles continue to hit the market, and EVs are becoming part of our daily lives. So, the demand for fast charging solutions also continues to increase. While not every location needs a DC fast charging station (nor can they justify the initial cost of installation), there are other ways you can take advantage of high-powered charging stations and attract customers to your business. 

Charging speeds: What do they really mean?

Every electric car charges a little differently. Battery capacity, like fuel tank size, is only one part of the charging speed equation. It’s an important part, but there are other factors to consider. For example, direct current (DC) charging is faster than alternating current (AC) charging. The direct current is able to bypass the vehicle’s regulator and delivers the charge straight to the battery. Additionally, a charging station’s amperage can limit the amount of power it delivers. A standard AC charging station might be capped at delivering 32 amps. However, a DC charger can deliver 180 amps or higher. More amps = faster charging times. When deciding what kind of charging station to install, site owners need to take a lot of factors into account. 

The Importance of Dwell Time

Picture this! You offer valet parking service for a high-end restaurant where customers sit and dine on average for 2-3 hours. You want to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself so you consider offering EV charging as part of your service. While you don’t have the proper infrastructure or budget to install a DC fast charging station,  you don’t want to offer a standard 32 amp charging station service. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just will not be fast enough to add adequate battery charge to your customers’ vehicles by the time they finish dining in your restaurant. You need a charging station with higher power. Noodoe has the answer. 

Our AC19L Exceed chargers are 80 amp, 19 kW chargers capable of charging vehicles at double the speed of standard 32 amp chargers. That is considerably reduced charging session times. Our Exceed DC series is a great solution for many projects that require a lightning-fast charging speed (providing 20% more power than any other DC charging station in the market). However, the necessary budget to deploy multiple DC charging stations is not small. It’s probably more than what many customers who want to offer great charging speeds have earmarked. The AC Exceed high power charging stations are budget-friendly; AC19Ls are easy to deploy, manage and operate, with Noodoe’s signature “Scan, Pay, Charge” solution and the power of Noodoe EV OS

When to use a High Powered AC charger?

Not every project needs high-speed charging. Lots of locations offer longer dwell times so high-speed charging is overkill. When staying overnight at a hotel or working a standard shift, drivers have plenty of time for their vehicles to charge slowly. So, when is it worth it to increase the available charging speed options? Begin by evaluating the nature of the site for the EV charger installation. 

First, determine the likelihood of drivers sticking around for a while, such as at a shopping mall, residential building, library, or hotel. Noodoe knows that a standard 32 amp charger is perfect in these places. However, some sites will have drivers who won’t need to dwell as long. Faster charging speeds can meet the demand of fleet drivers, or to support the turnover in high traffic areas where many customers want to charge and leave. In these cases, an AC Exceed charger is the perfect solution!

What chargers offer high-speed AC charging?

The Noodoe AC19L and AC19L Exceed are wifi-enabled high-powered AC chargers. Combined with Noodoe’s Gateway, they make any installation a simple process: just plug and go. No need for special installations, complicated internet connections, or anything else. It all works straight  out of the box. Commissioning your units for management in our cloud-based operating system, Noodoe EV OS, is easy to scan the charger and add it to your network. Via the User Dashboard site managers can set up pricing, automation for peak hours, occupancy fees, grace periods, and payment methods. It’s simple, just a few clicks away, and it all looks very nice when installed!

The Bottom Line

More drivers are switching to electrified vehicles. It’s a trend that’s only ramping up, especially as the price at the pump rises. Businesses now find themselves with the opportunity to be part of the “refueling” process. These charging stations are excellent draws for customers. They’re a great way for businesses to differentiate themselves in their own markets. 

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