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Noodoe keeps you well informed for news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed. Click the title to read the whole article. Subscribers get extra content like EV highlights and fun brain teasers. Get EV Radar in your email every week and stay on the wavelength.

May 2023

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One of the UK's largest waste management businesses will convert some of their massive trucks to electric as they aim to slash an additional 50% of emissions by 2030. Converting their existing vehicles will save money, reduce manufacturing emissions, and create local jobs.


Nigeria will put 12,000 e-buses on its roads and build support infrastructure over the next seven years. The program will begin in Lagos State before expanding across the country. Sustainable public transport will support millions of people and the country's net-zero goal.


Hertz has reported record revenue growth this year and has ended the first quarter with 50,000 EVs in its fleet. That's 10% of their total vehicles. The rental giant has credited its electrification strategy for the company's growth and plans to expand electric options continuously.


Bidirectional charging, that is. California has introduced a bill requiring all EVs to have bidirectional charging from 2027. Vehicle-to-grid capabilities are an exciting topic for the future of electric vehicles and infrastructure potential.

EV Adoption

The first three months of car sales in Singapore included 810 new fully electric vehicles hitting the road and an additional 51 plug-in hybrids. The total number of plug-in vehicle sales is 13.3% of Q1 vehicle sales, putting Singapore on track for a record EV year.


Nothing appeals to Aussies more than a good ad spot. Following the government's new National Electric Vehicle Strategy, this campaign video features EVs' advanced technology, power potential, and environmentally friendly nature.

New EV

The latest EV partnership between Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK and Solomon Commercials has resulted in Britain's first refrigerated eActros electric truck, supporting more operators of carbon-neutral fleets.

Accessible Charging

European EV drivers get some good news after experiencing a spike in electricity rates over the past year. Tesla has reduced Supercharger prices across Europe by 10%-20%, and some markets even get 25% cheaper.

New EV

In 2021, Nissan announced the retirement of the iconic Leaf EV, along with plans to launch 15 new EVs by the decade's end. The coupe's follow-up will enter production in the UK in 2026, rumored to be the Nissan Chill Out.


Tesla has taken several available models to test their performance in extreme heat. While the high temperatures of the Dubai desert are overwhelming for humans, the EVs did pretty well.


Chivas Regal whisky will be transported by Scotland's first electric semi-truck, a Volvo FM Electric 6x2 tractor unit. The program is part of the Chivas Brothers company's plan to cut their carbon footprint by 50% by 2030.


Watch the Rimac Nevera smash 23 acceleration and braking world records in this five-minute video. The hypercar achievements include 0-60mph in 1.74 seconds and more with the advanced control systems.

EV Sales

More electric-powered than diesel buses were sold in Europe (and the UK) this month, marking the first time a zero-emission technology has become dominant in the European road transport sector.

Accessible Charging

The automaker is expanding its offerings from making EVs with an exclusive network. The Rivian Adventure Network plans to add hundreds of charging points to its network and open their availability to the public as soon as next year.


iSeeCars have analyzed over 860,000 three-year-old EVs to find which models were most and least driven. Based on the data, the average EV goes 9,059 miles per year. Read to find out which models top the list!

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