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Noodoe keeps you well informed for news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed. Click the title to read the whole article. Subscribers get extra content like EV highlights and fun brain teasers. Get EV Radar in your email every week and stay on the wavelength.

June 2023

An electric vehicle charging connector, the port is the north american charging standard type.
Hand is holding a smartphone with a generic rideshare app logo. Phone is held outstretched toward a parked car.

Scandinavian Airlines invites travelers to reserve seats on the first electric commercial flight. SAS believes electric aircrafts are vital for reaching its net-zero emissions goal by 2050. The first flights are scheduled for 2028.


Woolworths Australia will make all its home delivery trucks 100% electric powered by 2030, adding more than 1,000 EVs to their fleet for a low carbon future. The new EV models will be from Foton Motor and Saic Motor.

New EV

After two decades, the VW Microbus is back in North America. In the official unveiling of the ID. Buzz shows removable seats, an updated infotainment system, and a larger battery—price and specs to be announced in 2024.

EV Sales

After 2023's first quarter, electric vehicles took 14% of global vehicle registrations. Check out this article for a complete write-up about the best-selling cars, the fastest-growing automakers, and see the Electric Disruption Zone in action.

New EV

Volvo's all-electric EX30 was revealed this week as an affordable SUV alternative, available for pre-order in North America and Europe. It's compact, has a low center of gravity, and has a DC charging peak of 153 kW.


Telsa's North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector type is gaining more support from major automakers, at this time Ford and General Motors, and North American EV charging infrastructure providers.


Ford has opened their European electric vehicle center in Cologne, which is expected to produce 2 million EVs annually from 2026. Ford will begin with the Ford Explorer EV; the all-electric SUV revealed earlier this year.


FedEx is serious about its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable logistics with a fully electric fleet by 2040. The brand's first ten electric delivery vans in South Africa have been deployed this week.


Meanwhile, FedEx Express Canada also received new electric vans to service Toronto, Montreal, and Surrey. Fifty BrightDrop Zevo 600 vans further prove the company's global effort to deliver more than promises.


Toyota Motors has accelerated electrification plans with several announcements, including the launch of a dedicated EV platform, but no confirmation for ICE sundown dates yet. Toyota Europe suggests 100% EV from 2035.

New EV

Cadillac continues to build a fully-electric portfolio by the end of the decade with the reveal of the new Escalade IQ. The brand's first-ever all-electric full-size SUV will have its official reveal on August 9th.


Aston Martin is planning for the long term with electrification and strategic partnerships. California's Lucid Group will provide cutting-edge powertrain technology for the iconic UK automaker.

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