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Noodoe keeps you well informed for news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed. Click the title to read the whole article. Subscribers get extra content like EV highlights and fun brain teasers. Get EV Radar in your email every week and stay on the wavelength.

July 2023

EV radar - A map showing several European countries with drawing pins along popular routes.
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The first official international event of its kind, all types of electric vehicles are welcome to race over 170 miles. The event aims to raise awareness about many EV benefits, highlighting their versatility, performance, and eco-friendliness.


While not directly electric vehicle news, this latest discovery of a massive amount of high-grade phosphate rock could fulfill the demand for fertilizers, solar panels, and EV batteries over the next 100 years.

World Record

IVECO's eDaily has set a new Guinness World Record for towing over 338,550 lbs (153,563 kg). The electric light commercial van (LCV) has a "High Power" mode for heavier loads than the official tow capacity of 7,716 lbs (3500 kg).


Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann has announced the brand has sold out its run of fully gas-powered models, and all new vehicles will be electrified. The first all-electric vehicle may launch later this decade.

EV Sales

June ends and reports for the fiscal year can be finalized, and EV sales can officially be counted. Australia saw a 25% increase in EV sales compared to June 2022, and 8.8% of monthly sales were BEVs.


Mercedes-Benz is adopting the NACS port type for future EVs and charging networks. Until the port is installed in vehicles (starting in 2025), the automaker will provide adaptors for North American customers.


Canoo Technologies has delivered three crew transportation vehicles to NASA that look straight out of classic sci-fi. These vehicles will be used to transport astronauts from Kennedy Space Center to the launch pad.


Goodwood Festival of Speed was the hotspot for EV debuts this week, including the Polestar 3 (the automaker's first ESUV), Polestar 5, Hyundai's IOQNI 5, and Porsche's concept for the Vision 357 Speedster.


Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai just hit the milestone of producing 1 million Model Y crossovers. The facility is Tesla's primary vehicle export hub, shipping to countries including Thailand, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


The first road trip from the North Pole to the South Pole is ambitious enough, but this couple is making the journey in an EV! Learn more about this pair and follow their adventures in an enhanced AT39 Ariya truck.


Blue Bird Corp. debuted a new zero-emission school bus model at STN Expo West. The company aims to produce over five thousand electric school buses a year, aiding campuses toward futureproof transportation.

New EV

Tesla's Cybertruck holds great interest in the EV world; the launch is planned for later this year, but there is no official spec info yet. Enthusiasts estimate the base version's battery capacity will be around 120 kWh.

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