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Noodoe keeps you well informed for news, education, vehicle announcements, and more from the EV world. We’ll keep you informed. Click the title to read the whole article. Subscribers get extra content like EV highlights and fun brain teasers. Get EV Radar in your email every week and stay on the wavelength.

August 2023

New EV

Chevrolet announced a next-generation electric-powered Bolt, delivering great affordability, range, and technology. The automaker is launching three new EVs this year thanks to Ultium and Ultifi technology advancements.


EV Radar's readers know the Nissan LEAF's impact on the electric vehicle market. The first EV was launched 12 years ago, and last week the automaker announced they officially passed the 1 million model sold milestone.


The first Porsche Charging Lounge has opened in Germany. The fast charging station is open 24/7 and is close to popular traffic routes with a comfortable - and branded by the automaker- charging experience.

EV Production

Ford has restarted US production of the F-150 Lightning to help meet demand for the electric truck. Ford is now able to fulfill more customer requests better than ever with shorter delivery times and trim updates.


Cold weather testing isn't possible in Silicon Valley right now, so Tesla has shipped the Cybertruck to New Zealand. Icy conditions were perfect for towing capabilities and potent stability improvements.

EV Sales

July was a good month for UK plug-in sales; reports show 34,712 models were registered. Compared to last year, that's an 84% increase. The UK is registering one electric-powered vehicle every 60 seconds!


Australian utility AGL Energy has a new Night Saver Energy Plan, offering EV drivers a cheap-as-chips rate of 8¢/kWh when they recharge between the hours of 12 am and 6 am.


Expect two more electric-powered vehicle announcements from the automaker later this year. There is plenty of speculation, and some leaked specs, regarding these EVs' power and affordability upon arrival.


This week, the large EV auto manufacturer celebrated the 5 million milestone, including battery vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The next step for the company appears to be pushing export efforts.


The Vietnamese EV automaker, VinFast, debuted on the stock market last week and was valued at $85 billion, much higher than Ford or GM. The EV market is hot right now and the electric future gets brighter every day.

New EV

Acura's first all-electric model, the 2024 Acura ZDX and ZDX Type S, made its first public appearance at Monterey Car Week and is a big step for the automaker's goal of an all-electric lineup.


It's confirmed - Honda and Acura electric vehicles will adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) port. Still, there has yet to be a confirmed date for the change or a supercharger network deal.

New EV

South Korea gets more choices with the affordable all-electric Kia Ray model. It's perfect for urban travel with a 32.2 kWh LFP battery and up to 200 km range. Pre-orders open this Thursday starting at ₩27.35 million (USD 20,500)


Polestar started global production of electric vehicles in 2020 and has officially produced 150,00 cars as of this week. With the Polestar 2 refresh and growing market, the automaker is the fastest-growing brand of 2023 (so far).


Car group Nissan plans to launch 19 new battery models globally by 2030. These include a coupe-style mode, a performance sedan, and a concept crossover SUV. We've come a long way from the first Leaf EV.

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